Sunday, 31 May 2009

Signs of summer!

What a glorious weekend we've had weatherwise! I'm hoping the Vintage and Handmade Fair ladies had a successful day down in Chipping Sodbury yesterday. I saw this book cover earlier today and it made me think...

Painting with sunshine... Isn't that what we're all trying to do :: in our gardens, our homes and our lives generally? We decorate and plant and add flowers and prettify adding colour and sunshine to our days and hoping it reflects off those around us.

Today really has seemed like the start of summer. Fresh rhubarb from the allotment - sixteen sticks weighing almost a pound each. And I've seen red tomotoes growing on plants already.

Fresh strawberries - which actually taste like strawberries. Small but perfectly formed with just the right firmness. Not too squishy!

And a huge car boot today. Not too much that took my fancy but I did pick up this frame. Yes, I know I should have taken the wire off the back before I took the photo. Not sure what to do with it yet - paint it white? For £1 it had to come home with me. I should have thought before I put it over my shoulder though. I hadn't reckoned on the joker who saw me and shouted - "You've been framed" and then fell about laughing!

Finally some little bits I did pick up today. This 1948 copy of Peter Pan and Wendy. I've always hated the name Wendy as it's a made up name - made up by J.M Barrie for the book. And from memory she was so very irritating in the book! But when I saw this with the delightful Mabel Lucie Attewell illustrations I had to buy it. It was falling apart so I may well just let it so that I can frame these gorgeous pictures. They are all in single colours - blues, greens or browns. I think I might have to reread it - my memory may have distorted the stroy after so many decades. And then some little medicine bottles in perfect condition. These helpfully state what their contents were, Veno's lightning cough cure, Carrad's Compericum (whatever that might be!), Lung Tonic, Ellmanns embrocation and Swamp root liver, kidney and bladder cure! So glad I don't need any of that!
Also a little handheld mirror and a lovely little crocheted tray cloth under all of those things. Small delights on a lovely summer's day. Well it is almost isn't it?

Hope you've enjoyed your weekend

Love Wend


  1. Hi Wend (lovley name by the way!!), love your medicine bottles!! I have a small but fast growing collection of these too! Enjoy the rest of the good weather. Alexandra

  2. Hi Wend, it is just great when you can start harvesting the fruits of your labour is'nt it, we picked our first radishes last night and I was so excited!
    Loving this weathyer, have a great day.
    Love Melanie xxx