Sunday, 20 May 2012

The one about Passe Partout

Last  week I managed to get to a couple of car boots finding some great things. Its a while since I showed you any of my find,s so I'll share what I managed to capture when the sun shone. What I would call a church hall chair which has probably been sat on by many a Womens Institute bottom over the years, a pretty eiderdown and some wonderful womans magazines form the 1920s. 

The womens magazines were imaginatively titled Woman's Magazine and have beautiful covers which  would look lovely framed but I'm not sure I can dismantle them so they'll just have to sit on the coffee table.

The adverts are wonderful and I wondered what passe partout framing was until I remembered I'd picked up a little picture which had tape around the edge. 

Imagine my delight when I checked the tins I'd bought and found that one of them wasn't a tin at all but was Passe Partout! How weird that these all came together on the same day so I now know that these pictures with the black tape frames have been framed with Passe Partout!

I'm quite tempted to use the Passe Partout tape to reframe one or two pictures as they would have been...