Saturday, 31 July 2010

Just why?

A few months ago I shared this piece of street art with you. A bit of fun which always made me smile on the way to work.

So why oh why does somebody have to go and do this? My smile has now changed to a grumpy chunter!

Hope nothing spoils your weekend!

Love Wend

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Pinny Love

Admiring my pinnies hanging in the kitchen

I decided to

give them an airing

I can't

get enough of them!

Love Wend

Friday, 23 July 2010

Style - we had it! Or did we?

Couldn't resist picking these up this week just because it was a trip down memory lane. It was only when i got home that I realised I had bought my teenage years in sewing patterns.


I'm sure this is when dress lengths varied depending on your age! (Note the pre decimal price!)


Puffed sleeves and pretty. David Cassidy and Donny Osmond will have seen many a girl in these little dresses!


Very similar to my school summer dress...


Where the seventies started to go wrong I fear!


A little more sophisticated (not in my vocabulary at the time.) I was more of a Bolan girl myself!


No - by now I was in cheese cloth shirts and Jesus sandals...


Can anyone remember the name of these sleeves - are they caps and bat wings?


Ah - now you're talking - time for skirts with frills, and gathers, and layers and bits of lace attached to the bottom tier to look as if your petticoat was hanging down below your skirt. A Laura Ashley in every town and packets upon packets of patchwork pieces for £1 a pack - were those the days?

(Reminds me of the fabulous patchwork quilt I made from Laura Ashley pieces - over 1000 pieces all hand stitched with plain black add for a little contrast and definition. Looked fantastic. Until i washed it. The black wasn't lovely colourfast Laura Ashley. And it ran. And ran. And stained my pride and joy so it is no more.
But I have to confess that every time i see a bit of the fabric at the car boot I have to buy it - and my stash of 1970s LA fabric is growing again - so I may yet make another by hand. But without the added BLACK!)

Hope you're having some sunshine!

Love Wend

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Car boot treasure

Just thought I'd share with you my latest finds and purchases. 4 crocheted afghans -these were a bargain so I bought all 4. They aren't exactly Cath Kidston colours - in fact they look like very 60s colours to me. They're all made of wool though and are warmly autumnal.

This was a real crockery finding weekend - the blue and white patterned plates match the cups and saucers in the picture below and there were 6 tea cups and saucers and 6 smaller coffee cups and saucers. Just lovely. As are the pink patterned vintage plates too.

This tin was unusual in that it looked like a 1930s design but was in great condition and had 3 opening drawers.

I struggle to define my taste sometimes as although I love the beautifully embroidered tablecloths and old faded quilts, I also have a penchant for 50s design. I was drawn to this partly hand painted tureen...

... and was even more thrilled when I'd bought it to "spot" these in a bag under a table. Unfortunately somebody must have had fun smashing cups as there are 12 saucers but only 2 matching cups. So if anyone has any ideas for the lonely saucers (or indeed has the cups without saucers) please let me know!

Favourite find were these lovely old tins. Words not needed. Couldn't leave them there - they need me to look after them.

And now the pink set - I thought initially that this was some of the utility ware china - see side bar that I collect and it was very reasonably priced. There were 54 pieces of this including two perfect tureens! When I googled it to find it was a 1930's Wedgewood design so wouldn't have been cheap. I'm convinced this has sat in somebody's cupboard for the last 80 years as it is perfect. It has now replaced my cheap IKEA set bought only a couple of years ago which already shows every knife mark.

I've been wanting a little yacht for some time - all I need now is the new bathroom to replace my turquoie monstrosity. I've been sorely tempted to photograph it and see whether anyone could claim to have one worse than mine!

There were also some lovely little 50s religious pictures and this St George picture which you can see better in the picure below.

I'm not sure why I couldn't resist this tin biscuit barrel but its just so reminiscent of my sixties childhood when boys were obsessed with guns

Finally I found this lovely little 30s handerchief box.

This really was a great booting day - and I haven't even mentioned the kitsch Russian dolls and my other set of china, fabrics and linens. It was only when I got home I realised I'd acquired 4 new tureens! Which is just silly!

Have a great weekend!

Love Wend

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Don't give up the day job Wend!

I love the work of Martin Parr photographer. This is his wikipedia entry - He is a British documentary photographer, photojournalist and collector. He is known for his photographic projects that take a critical look at modern society, specifically consumerism, foreign travel and tourism, motoring, family and relationships, and food.

This is the front cover of one of his books - I have several of them. They can be amusing but also social commentary of the way we live and what is (or isn't)important to us in terms of our personal identity, what we relate to and our surroundings.

I also discovered Nick Turpin recently on the radio where he was described as a social highwayman (well with a name like that it was bound to happen!). He has a similar approach and his pictures can be seen on Flickr.

Apart from the Martin Parr picture these are a few of those I've taken which have made me want to capture the scene or the moment. These are not taken to cause any offence - most of the people shots were taken with the knowledge of those in the picture.

Spotted in Dublin - why is this tile here?

Very enthusistic approach to bird scaring at the allotments!

Bewigged lads out on the town in Newcastle last week...

Interesting combination of posters in Dublin. Could happily have gone to see either - both would have taken me back to fifth form at school!

love the combination ...

A better class of grafitti - at the Mister School in Southwell - Latin for "the Romans were here!"

My bin also needs an identity - I want to build a set of these - I found some with quotations on the side (when I didn't have my camera with me!)

New year in Soho...

Disobedient Oxford students!

More lads on the town in Newcastle

Girls going to their prom in Newcastle - posing for photos on the Millenium Bridge

More prom dresses - I didn't dare take a picture as the girl in blue lifted her dress and revealed black socks and plimsolls! At that point Niobe had walked off in disgust and shame at her embarrasing mother. The picture below shows her typical reaction when I'm taking photos - this one taken in March

One day somebody will get me back as I fall asleep on the train back from London head lolling forward with loose jaw.

Hope one or two raised a smile.

...trying to divert my thoughts as I worry about Niobe soaked to the skin, wild camping (no loos for those who don't know) having struggled through 25 km in Snowdonia today. Willing her on for another 48 hours. All that sunshine we've had and she gets this! (With storms forecast for tomorrow...)

Love Wend

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Famous bloggers

I picked up a copy of Homes and Antiques yesterday because the cover promised vintage delights. Inside I found an article about Julie - of Beachbygones (see sidebar). I haven't managed to get to one of her beach inspired stalls yet but hope to get to Suffolk over the summer which is her stamping ground. Also in my sidebar is Elaine (Jaboopee) who's home is to be found amongst the pages of House and Home magazine in Ireland. If you haven't looked at her blog do take a look at her blog , a wonderful mix of her mosaic work, her art , her quirky but quaint family portraits and a wonderful variety of things to do with a lampshade - you'll need to read it!

Another article contained vintage fabrics sourced from Donna Flower and Lizzie (the washerwoman). There are pictures of cushions made by Jane Foster whose blog I also follow (She also designs for Habitat and Clothkits.

Over the last couple of years I've acquired a few blank canvases and having seen how good a collection of fabric covered canvases looks I'm feeling inspired to cover some myself!

I also came across this advert - Vintage at Goodwood. I'd heard Wayne Hemingway the designer and organiser of the fair talking about it on the radio yesterday and wondered whether any bloggers knew anything about it? The tickets are £55 each so I'd need some convincing to spend that!

Love Wend

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Newcastle was another place Niobe wanted to visit as a potential uni. The weather was bright and we managed to take time to go down to the quayside to see the Millennium Bridge on Friday evening. It was well timed as the bridge was about to be raised which I hadn't seen before.

On this picture you can see the pedestrian side tilted as the whole thing swings over.

It was a beautiful sight as it moved elegantly to allow boats to pass through (although I suspect this was more for tourists than it was for necessity!)

On the Gateshead side of the Tyne is the Baltic Art Gallery which we were too late to visit. I love the way it still has the Flour Mills sign on the side.

We walked along the Tyne to the Tyne Bridge which is another famous great feat of enigineering. As you turn back and look along the river you can see the Tyne Bridge, the fabulous Sage Centre, the Baltic Gallery and the Millennium Bridge all within a very short distance.

The Tyne Bridge's higher girders were covered with the nests of kittiwakes. Apparently these birds favour the narrow ledges on cliffs so its unusual to see them in Newcastle. You only have to imagine the mess under the bridge and it was difficult to get a good pic.

Later we walked over the bridge and you could see the birds at much closer range. There were lots of little babies up there!

The Sage building used for exhibitions, concerts and music is apparently one of Britains "Top Ten Buildings.

It was pretty impressive I have to say but I liked it even more when it was lit gently by the light from the Millennium Bridge once the sun had gone down.

In line with my New Years resolution we managed to have a little time in the Laing Gallery...

where we were able to see one of my favourite paintings - "Isabella and the Pot of Basil".

Off to York this week!

Have a good week!

Love Wend