Sunday, 4 July 2010

Newcastle was another place Niobe wanted to visit as a potential uni. The weather was bright and we managed to take time to go down to the quayside to see the Millennium Bridge on Friday evening. It was well timed as the bridge was about to be raised which I hadn't seen before.

On this picture you can see the pedestrian side tilted as the whole thing swings over.

It was a beautiful sight as it moved elegantly to allow boats to pass through (although I suspect this was more for tourists than it was for necessity!)

On the Gateshead side of the Tyne is the Baltic Art Gallery which we were too late to visit. I love the way it still has the Flour Mills sign on the side.

We walked along the Tyne to the Tyne Bridge which is another famous great feat of enigineering. As you turn back and look along the river you can see the Tyne Bridge, the fabulous Sage Centre, the Baltic Gallery and the Millennium Bridge all within a very short distance.

The Tyne Bridge's higher girders were covered with the nests of kittiwakes. Apparently these birds favour the narrow ledges on cliffs so its unusual to see them in Newcastle. You only have to imagine the mess under the bridge and it was difficult to get a good pic.

Later we walked over the bridge and you could see the birds at much closer range. There were lots of little babies up there!

The Sage building used for exhibitions, concerts and music is apparently one of Britains "Top Ten Buildings.

It was pretty impressive I have to say but I liked it even more when it was lit gently by the light from the Millennium Bridge once the sun had gone down.

In line with my New Years resolution we managed to have a little time in the Laing Gallery...

where we were able to see one of my favourite paintings - "Isabella and the Pot of Basil".

Off to York this week!

Have a good week!

Love Wend


  1. Great photos of the bridge Wend, it looks amazing lit up. Have fun in York, my sister did her Masters there and it was a great place to go and visit when she was a student.
    Ann x

  2. I sometimes dread Little J leaving home but I'm seeing that this Uni searching could be fun. York has a Cath Kidston doesn't it? Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  3. gosh you are getting about - if you come to Liverpool I'd love to meet up with you - have fun!

  4. Fabulous set of photos - several friend's sons and daughters who have gone to Newcastle Uni have said it is a really great city to study in.

  5. You are certainly getting about, you two! What a beautiful bridge. Particularly like the photo of it lit up at night. Really beautiful.

  6. You are making better use of the' looking for a uni' phase than us. We've made a flying (literally) visit to Edinburgh, and then Manchester and Leeds. No sightseeing time at all. Newcastle looks fab and I know York is but I don't think they offer the course my son wants. Good luck with the UCAS form and statement.

  7. This time next year I will have to make sure Becky chooses uni's to visit that include a great day out.

    My brother graduated from Newcastle as a mature student 2 yrs ago. He loved the city and area.

  8. Its a costly business this finding a Uni, and she's picked 'em far flung!!! At least you are getting to see a bit of the country at the same time! Newcastle is always a good day or weekend out. xxx