Thursday, 15 July 2010

Car boot treasure

Just thought I'd share with you my latest finds and purchases. 4 crocheted afghans -these were a bargain so I bought all 4. They aren't exactly Cath Kidston colours - in fact they look like very 60s colours to me. They're all made of wool though and are warmly autumnal.

This was a real crockery finding weekend - the blue and white patterned plates match the cups and saucers in the picture below and there were 6 tea cups and saucers and 6 smaller coffee cups and saucers. Just lovely. As are the pink patterned vintage plates too.

This tin was unusual in that it looked like a 1930s design but was in great condition and had 3 opening drawers.

I struggle to define my taste sometimes as although I love the beautifully embroidered tablecloths and old faded quilts, I also have a penchant for 50s design. I was drawn to this partly hand painted tureen...

... and was even more thrilled when I'd bought it to "spot" these in a bag under a table. Unfortunately somebody must have had fun smashing cups as there are 12 saucers but only 2 matching cups. So if anyone has any ideas for the lonely saucers (or indeed has the cups without saucers) please let me know!

Favourite find were these lovely old tins. Words not needed. Couldn't leave them there - they need me to look after them.

And now the pink set - I thought initially that this was some of the utility ware china - see side bar that I collect and it was very reasonably priced. There were 54 pieces of this including two perfect tureens! When I googled it to find it was a 1930's Wedgewood design so wouldn't have been cheap. I'm convinced this has sat in somebody's cupboard for the last 80 years as it is perfect. It has now replaced my cheap IKEA set bought only a couple of years ago which already shows every knife mark.

I've been wanting a little yacht for some time - all I need now is the new bathroom to replace my turquoie monstrosity. I've been sorely tempted to photograph it and see whether anyone could claim to have one worse than mine!

There were also some lovely little 50s religious pictures and this St George picture which you can see better in the picure below.

I'm not sure why I couldn't resist this tin biscuit barrel but its just so reminiscent of my sixties childhood when boys were obsessed with guns

Finally I found this lovely little 30s handerchief box.

This really was a great booting day - and I haven't even mentioned the kitsch Russian dolls and my other set of china, fabrics and linens. It was only when I got home I realised I'd acquired 4 new tureens! Which is just silly!

Have a great weekend!

Love Wend


  1. Wow Wend you did well ! I absolutely love the tins with foxgloves and other flowers I bet you were really excited to spot those. The red and white domino china is great too, I love it but have never found any. I use odd 1950s saucers with a sailing boat design as soap dishes in my bathroom.I have an identical 1930s handkerchief box that I found at a boot sale a few weeks ago, I thought it was home made but obviously there are more out there.
    Ann x

  2. Goodness...deep envy and admiration for a great eye! I love the shawls.

  3. I love the blue and white china especially, it's so pretty. Brilliant car boot day. xx

  4. Btw forgot to say thanks for dropping by and am smiling that we had a similar experience re QoS. xx

  5. Good for you...fantastic finds. x

  6. lovely flower tins etc
    I'm trying to stop myself from going booting tomorrow I always get carried away.
    I have a yacht my dad bought me when I was about 6yrs you have made me think I should really do something with it.
    enjoy the weekend
    Cate x

  7. Goodness...was there anything left at the car boot?..... what a haul.....
    I particularly like your Wedgewood china.
    I know exactly what you mean about cheap china showing all the Ikea plates have been replaced by victorian ones and they go in the dishwasher no problem!
    Julie x

  8. Gosh Wend you have some great cb's near you, my first one today was very unfruitful!
    Could you make the spotty china into harlequin sets using other co-ordinatging floral cups?
    ps do you know of a good book that can teach me about Liberty Tana Lawn designs?

  9. Now me, I am in love with the spotty dotty cups and saucers and the tureen with the red detail. What fantastic bargains Wend......... :O)

  10. Those are fab finds - the car boots sale gods were smiling upon you! The floral tins are lovely, but the best find award must go to the pink china - that's gorgeous!

  11. What finds! Good grief Wend this is treasure indeed. (whispers...) if you ever want to seel any of those crochet rugs you have a VEY willing buyer here x

  12. what a lot you got - now where will you put it all ?!

  13. WoW! I love ALL your CB finds,especially the china of course!I went along to one I used to go to years ago today and there were only 3 cars! disappointing.Did go on to the charity shop though and got a few bargains,so that made up for it.

    Bellaboo ;0)

  14. Wow Wendy - a very fruitful search, how many trips back to the car did you have to make... Love the tins and the colours in the Afghans remind me that Autumn will soon be here.

  15. hehehe great stash, I love the blankets. But you may soon need to buy a bigger house!
    Anne xx

  16. Hi, I've just found your you certainly had a succesful weekend at the boot sales. Lots of lovely vintage treasures to take home, some great finds.

  17. I am totally in love with that tea set. I wish I could find something like that. My only question is where do you store all your wonderful finds?

  18. hiya- your taste is so much like mine, really eclectic but when you put it all togther, somhow it looks fab (well I think it does anyhow!)
    Thanks for dropping by for the Vintage Pattern Giveaway.
    Please email me with your address and I'll send the knitting patterns.