Sunday, 11 July 2010

Famous bloggers

I picked up a copy of Homes and Antiques yesterday because the cover promised vintage delights. Inside I found an article about Julie - of Beachbygones (see sidebar). I haven't managed to get to one of her beach inspired stalls yet but hope to get to Suffolk over the summer which is her stamping ground. Also in my sidebar is Elaine (Jaboopee) who's home is to be found amongst the pages of House and Home magazine in Ireland. If you haven't looked at her blog do take a look at her blog , a wonderful mix of her mosaic work, her art , her quirky but quaint family portraits and a wonderful variety of things to do with a lampshade - you'll need to read it!

Another article contained vintage fabrics sourced from Donna Flower and Lizzie (the washerwoman). There are pictures of cushions made by Jane Foster whose blog I also follow (She also designs for Habitat and Clothkits.

Over the last couple of years I've acquired a few blank canvases and having seen how good a collection of fabric covered canvases looks I'm feeling inspired to cover some myself!

I also came across this advert - Vintage at Goodwood. I'd heard Wayne Hemingway the designer and organiser of the fair talking about it on the radio yesterday and wondered whether any bloggers knew anything about it? The tickets are £55 each so I'd need some convincing to spend that!

Love Wend


  1. Wend,
    I bought this magazine too and I'd never read beach bygones before so will be a regular from now on. Will also look at Jaboopee too. Sounds just up my street. If you're thinking of framing fabric, Ikea sell some plain rounded wooden frames specifically for the purpose - gives the fabric a neater finish and is easier to cover. Lesley.

  2. Hi Wend
    Fab magazine, great to see bloggers in print.
    I am going to be at Vintage at Goodwood as the company I work for is having a shop there.
    Sounds like it's going to be a fab event.
    Hope you come along.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  3. I enjoy these magazines so much more now that I can relate to the bloggers who feature in them. Must get Country Living tomorrow too.

  4. There's an article in the Sunday Times today about Wayne and Gerardine Hemmingway and the Goodwood Vintage "do". I always used to love their stuff when they were "Red or Dead". :O)

  5. I will try to see if I can get that magazine "over here".
    Looks very inspiring indeed!

  6. Hi there, just found your lovely blog!

    Your fabric and canvas idea inspired by H&A sounds lovely!

    I'd love to visit Vintage at Goodwood, but £55!? And then I'd spend even more money when I was there, so would definitely leave bankrupt!!

    Tamzin X

  7. Thanks for the mention! I was quite pleased to be in the magazine! I usually hide from the camera and I think the photographer had a hard job on her hands with me! Even my dad told me to ' Stop the cheesy grin!' but I am really pleased how it turned out! There is another lady in there I have met at the vintage markets called Hazel from Rag and Bone! I also love the fabric article. Hope to see some other bloggers in there too in future issues.

  8. I think Wayne is inspirational and I enjoyed his interview, it did however again illustrate the great London/the rest of us divide when he was asked "Are the tickets expensive?" He didn't give a straight answer but just gave the prices fo day & weekend passes, which if two people want to go...........
    ps Good on Niobe!!!

  9. I'm off to the newsagents right now for a vintage fix.