Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Catching up!

I thought after so long I should just load some pictures and see what happens! Most of you will know that I decided to take on a vintage unit in Nottingham a year ago . I started with a cabinet and have grown my business month on month throughout the year. I still hunt out my signature barkcloths but also search for other fabrics,

ephemera, small items of furniture, tins and more recently early plastics. The two fabrics above are both unused 1950s and 60s . I love the top one with its London buildings.

This one with the potted plants is a typical image. I'm still out hunting at car boots , fairs and charity shops. Below is one of my favourite finds of the summer.

I've been looking for different ways to style my unit and bought a number of crates in Devon earlier in the summer. I was quite pleased with the way my stall was looking until some of them were bought and I had to come up with something else...

So a couple of weekends ago at Peterborough Antiques Fair I was thrilled to find this ultra kitsch glass fronted  cabinet which has taken up residence for the time being. It fitted in the car and is now housing some of my finds in my unit.

Subtle it's not but I love colour and tastelessness sometimes!  I'll add more pictures of my finds soon!