Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Don't give up the day job Wend!

I love the work of Martin Parr photographer. This is his wikipedia entry - He is a British documentary photographer, photojournalist and collector. He is known for his photographic projects that take a critical look at modern society, specifically consumerism, foreign travel and tourism, motoring, family and relationships, and food.

This is the front cover of one of his books - I have several of them. They can be amusing but also social commentary of the way we live and what is (or isn't)important to us in terms of our personal identity, what we relate to and our surroundings.

I also discovered Nick Turpin recently on the radio where he was described as a social highwayman (well with a name like that it was bound to happen!). He has a similar approach and his pictures can be seen on Flickr.

Apart from the Martin Parr picture these are a few of those I've taken which have made me want to capture the scene or the moment. These are not taken to cause any offence - most of the people shots were taken with the knowledge of those in the picture.

Spotted in Dublin - why is this tile here?

Very enthusistic approach to bird scaring at the allotments!

Bewigged lads out on the town in Newcastle last week...

Interesting combination of posters in Dublin. Could happily have gone to see either - both would have taken me back to fifth form at school!

love the combination ...

A better class of grafitti - at the Mister School in Southwell - Latin for "the Romans were here!"

My bin also needs an identity - I want to build a set of these - I found some with quotations on the side (when I didn't have my camera with me!)

New year in Soho...

Disobedient Oxford students!

More lads on the town in Newcastle

Girls going to their prom in Newcastle - posing for photos on the Millenium Bridge

More prom dresses - I didn't dare take a picture as the girl in blue lifted her dress and revealed black socks and plimsolls! At that point Niobe had walked off in disgust and shame at her embarrasing mother. The picture below shows her typical reaction when I'm taking photos - this one taken in March

One day somebody will get me back as I fall asleep on the train back from London head lolling forward with loose jaw.

Hope one or two raised a smile.

...trying to divert my thoughts as I worry about Niobe soaked to the skin, wild camping (no loos for those who don't know) having struggled through 25 km in Snowdonia today. Willing her on for another 48 hours. All that sunshine we've had and she gets this! (With storms forecast for tomorrow...)

Love Wend


  1. oh wend there great, i was surprised the first one was 'nt yours too,
    i think you've a great eye,
    i've been out of the blogging loop of late ,too many other things to do that i've not been making my usual visits, i've missed 3 of yours ,thanks for the mention too.....
    i think i love the juxtaposition of the macbeth and gilbert and your comments about it the most ....fingers crossed for niobe .

  2. Hi! Just found your blog, had a lovely visit! Enjoyed travelling with you, the gowns and the bridges and that mag! Haven't seen it over here :(
    Will be back!

  3. Great photos and couldn't agree with you more about Martin Parr. He has a true eye but yours is pretty good too! It's all very well being in the right place at the right time but you have to have your eyes open as well - like with the bicycles photo. That's my favourite. Lesley

  4. Love the photos! Also love Martin Parr, especially his food pictures! I can see you're really inspired by him! My dad is the worst at taking photos of people - I tend to just walk off!!
    Tamzin X

  5. Hi- just found your blog and really glad I did too- love these pics, def my kind of photos!

    Spent pleasant time reading your past posts, now I've finished my cuppa and must get on with some work.


  6. Great photos - I like the one with the lads dressed in drag, the guy with the Amy Winehouse wig made me laugh out loud!!

  7. Great photos! I liked the lads in drag and yes, the one of Niobe made me laugh. Next time I am in Chipping Sodbury I shall check out the Church Wheelie bin, it used to have a wonderful piece of graffiti on it, so wonderful I took a photo of it because it made me laugh. Must check if said bin is still there......... :O)))))))))))))))

    Oh, and I am sure Niobe will be fine......

  8. I enjoyed the radio article about Nick Turpin, though amazed that the police were interogating photographers these days. Great photos.

  9. I (drunkenly) embarrassed myself at a party recently by singing "Alone again - naturally" by Gilbert. People were amazed that I knew ALL the words to such a garbage song - its what my head is full of!!!! xxxx

  10. The lads in Newcastle is the one for me!
    I love their leggings and flip flops look...
    Julie x