Saturday, 31 July 2010

Just why?

A few months ago I shared this piece of street art with you. A bit of fun which always made me smile on the way to work.

So why oh why does somebody have to go and do this? My smile has now changed to a grumpy chunter!

Hope nothing spoils your weekend!

Love Wend


  1. Some people just have to ruin things don't they?! I wonder why? Such a shame as it was a lovely work of art and obviously gave much pleasure to people passing.


  2. In Luton we have had advertising dipicting (near)nudity defaced by those who find it offensive. I find the manner in which this is done offensive too. What a shame that people cannot embrace diversity of expression and the freedom which we enjoy and just pass on by.

  3. That is very sad - and pointless.

  4. Jee is right. This is a pointless action from someone who will never own up to doing it probably. I can't get my head around this sort of mindlessness. It defeats me. Lesley

  5. Selfish b@st@rds!
    'Scuse my French!!
    Hope the rest of your W/E is much better!
    Z xx

  6. This happened on park street Bristol, there's a lovely Banksy, well a very famous one, and someone threw blue paint all over it! I was very grumpy! Luckily its been cleaned up, but it's just not the same! *grumble*
    Tamzin X

  7. Firstly, yes it's a shame that someone has ruined another's art and the pleasure of those who enjoyed seeing it as they walked past.
    However, if the paint had been thrown randomly at the picture it would have been senseless vandalism, but it hasn't. It's been thrown to cover a specific area of the painting and to me that adds a statement to the whole thing and represents someone's voice. Although I disagree with what's happened, I also think that it gives a whole new dimension to that piece of art.
    (please don't hate me - I'm just looking at it from a different angle.) xx

  8. I noticed that it was strategically placed too! I noticed as Like Jill I am also from Luton and am used to seeing defaced adverts and billboards that may seem offensive...Me I'm all for Freedom of speech!!
    Wishing all an uncensored Weekend!!!
    Annie x

  9. I am saddened to see this................