Monday, 4 May 2009

Show and tell

Had a great couple of hours at the car boot yesterday morning once again finding several little bits but also a couple of significant finds. Aren't these little glasses sweet? I love the way the sun shines through them casting a rosy glow beneath them. At £1 the set I couldn't leave them!

A little needle case held together with an elastic band containing an abundance of crochet hooks - great for me as I have recently started crocheting.

A fabric bolt with this lovely Sanderson fabric (Little Chelsea)- there was only a couple of metres but as it normally retails as £39.50 per metre I felt I'd done really well. I bought several embroidered tablecloths and cushion covers - I'm rather enjoying bringing the old cushion covers back to life with a bit of TLC.

I seem to have started picking up old floral prints and have several now. This is by Vernon Ward well known for his floral pictures and his "migrating birds* series and considered to be kitsch by many. I also managed to pick up a couple of the migrating birds for pennies. You can just see under the picture some duck egg blue fabric which is a pair of curtains I bought just because I liked the fabric - they are a thick heavy cotton hand printed by Fothergay and it wasn't until I got them home that I realised I have just the spot for them. Unfortunately I shall have to change the heading tape as the threads have long disappeared!

So, home happy with the booting bug satiated for another week and off to the allotment for a few hours. It was great to pick a dozen sticks of rhubarb, over wintered leeks, a couple of lettuces and the first radishes of the season - they were only as big as marbles but that little bit of harvesting provided just the right boost to keep plugging away at all the digging, sowing, trimming, raking and hoeing...

Love Wend


  1. Wow, you picked up some great bargains! xxx

  2. Well done you! Much as I love being at Dairy House, I do wish that occasionally I could get to a carboot.

    Sue x

  3. WOW, what a lovely haul! I love seeing what other people buy at the boot sale:-)
    BTW I really really like the chintzy soap dish, think it is a soap dish? Very pretty and thats what I'd use it for if it were mine