Thursday, 14 May 2009

Making it all worthwhile

I had to go to London yesterday for several meetings. This involves two three hour journeys door to door and can be frustrating when the people I'm due to meet don't turn up! I've recently decided to work this to my advantage to prevent myself becoming too wound up about it. I now try to incorporate just a little bit of me time so that there is a part of the day to look forward to. This time I knew where I was to head to given the opportunity - Broad Street in Covent Garden
I knew I would find this beautiful bronze sculpture by Enzo Plazotti. Isn't she lovely? It's difficult to get a good shot of her face but it's her elegance, serenity and poise that beguile me.

But then look at her perching so delicately in front of one of my favourite icons - the K2 telephone box. What a pairing of delights for me! I love the fact that certain phone boxes are listed so that they are retained for the future. And these, under the shadow of Covent Garden's Opera House, seem ideally placed.

Its surprising how those snatched few minutes become the most important feature of the day. Just briefly there was a peace and tranquillity that this scene offered to me setting me up for the rest of the day...

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