Sunday, 17 May 2009

Favourite things

Yesterdays weather provided lots of oppportunities for running in and out of the rain . I have stacks of gardening to do but within a couple of hours of being at the allotment the rain came down. Within minutes of being back home the sun came out albeit briefly so I snatched some pictures of some favourite things.

My deco W: or is it? Its stamp says it's handpainted by Gibsons pottery but I haven't managed to find anything else out about it. It was bought for me because it looks like a W, but why a W? Is it an early piece of advertising - (Weetabix?). There's a little bunny at the base nibbling on some corn with some cherries decorating the first flower holder. Any ideas greatfully received - its one of my special treasures.

Then part of my haberdashery corner. My jars of ribbons and suffolk puffs waiting to be turned into something lovely and this little Art Deco sewing/mending/ladies kit.

This little treasure is unused except for a missing brass safety pin and these four pristine discs are housed in a dinky matching box. Two discs of threads for mending ones stocking, some hair pins for securing those curls or "waves" and a dartboard effect of brass safety pins. (Nobody has "waves" anymore do they?)

Funny isn't it how some of the smallest bits and pieces we have are those we cherish the most? Its one of those things I'd have to grab in a fire! It was found at my first vintage fashion fair in Leeds. Isn't it lovely when someone picks up something absolutely delightful, buys it and presents you with it saying "I saw this and thought of you"?

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