Tuesday, 12 May 2009

A cacophony of colour

A visit to a local garden centre this week, (to cheat and buy some "somebody else prepared earlier plantlings" for my allotment) made me gaze in admiration at the depth of colour and beauty which nature can produce. (I think someone has been having colour wheel lessons and has decided to put together the most dramatic combinations they can find!)

I do wonder whether nature has produced these fabulous flowers, with such an amazing depth of colour, without any help from any genetic intervention but will forgive the plantsmen if so on this occasion.

The tulips were in the grounds leading to a bird sanctuary and were unfortuantely encased in wire but you could get a good view if you stretched up and over the top of the wire!

The colours just got better...

resulting in these simple black beauties. I just love black/very dark purple flowers which have a striking elegance as they sway on the breeze...

Anyway I got so distracted by the flowers I completely forgot about buying my veg plants. I'll just have to hope that nature performs some more of her magic on the rows and rows of seeds I've planted and that the wind doesn't pluck the little darlings from their tender roots!

Love Wend


  1. Beautiful! xxx

  2. Thank you for your comments on my blog.
    Hope that the seeds survive.