Friday, 29 May 2009

Market Harborough

Yesterday I decided to take my daughter out for the day. She is in the middle of GCSE's and has been studying hard and it is half term after all! We settled on a run out to ...

We hadn't been before and it's a delightful little market town. We wanted to find the Joules shop as we love the fun and functional clothing. That wasn't hard to find as it was almost the first shop we saw on the high street. In fact Joules clothing was like uniform in MH -everyone was wearing it! In fact we didn't buy anything although the shop was great - it was obviously an old house and still had an old range in the wall which was a lovely feature. What we didn't know about was Joules yard...

Hidden behind the shop with its own gorgeous eatery indoors and out, plant stall and architectual salvage was a delightful area to browse. Lots of vintage advertising signs on the walls and a very nostalgic feel to the place. We had our lunch outside surrounded by old reminders of days gone by, gardening troughs, old sinks filled with flowers, a covered area full of tables with mismatched chairs and a huge old wooden pulpit. Unusually for me I struggled to work out what I could do with the pulpit so I had to leave it there. Maybe some things just can't and shouldn't be repurposed.(Not to mention that my car is tiny although I don't let that stop me).

Indoors was also full of nostalgia with the walls covered in vintage music and musical instruments. There was "stuff" as my daughter likes to call it everywhere! Little boxes, old EPs, servants bells, old mirrors. I loved it.

I also liked the way it was casually set out and the whole place had a wonderfully relaxed air. Don't you just love the sheet music idea?

We'll be going back!

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