Sunday, 24 May 2009

The show's over - or is it?

The cherry blossom this year has been superb without being spoilt by frosts. What a shame that it can't be captured and savoured all year. The good thing about Mother Nature though is that she always has something else tucked up her sleeve.

I spotted this iris bud from my kitchen window this morning ready to unfurl at 9am

One hour later it was starting to slowly stretch its tightly bound petals having been warmed by the morning sunshine.

At 11am she was well and truly building up to something spectacular! (Suddenly became feminine in her magnificence!)

Another hour on and she's resting after the strenous effort of unravelling such majesty! I suspect tomorrows storms will spoil her radiance but in the meantime I shall savour her glory...

Love Wend

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