Monday, 25 May 2009

Show and tell

I can't believe I haven't shown last weeks car boot treasures sop I'll skip through them quickly now before it's Sunday again! First: the Tala icing set - not in the best condition but "displays nicely" as they say. Also a metre of lovely Laura Ashley fabric and a very yellow butter/cheese plate and cover.

This beautiful embroidered tablecloth with fantastic thistles in a huge circle. The detail in these is amazing . Unfortuantely there are some marks on the cloth itself so I'll shall have to come up with something innovative to make best use of the embroidery. Any suggestions gratefully received.

Aaah - a crinoline lady. Just a £1 for this little treasure. I've noticed I'm building up quite a little collection of crinoline ladies but I'll show you those another time.

Two lovely finds - a 1948 Christmas Good Housekeeping with the most amazing adverts -just 50 pence, and Needlwork for Girls. This started off as a delight until I remembered the horrors of school dressmaking classes and having to run up a dirndl skirt, the like of which no self respecting girl in the seventies would have been seen dead in. The teacher seemed to be on a one woman mission to put me off sewing forever. Fortunately brains are amazing things and often delete or put into a "don't go there folder" your worst nightmares - until something such as the pictures in this book triggers those memories!

And finally another Vernon Ward print from 1950, a creamy yellow jug -a piece of utility ware? (Not entirely sure on that but hoping), the Huntley and Palmer mint cremes tin and the little green jug. And most of it was less than £2!


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  1. My oh my great finds! Love that picture and the needlework books! I see you have the Utility China badge in your sidebar. It would be great if you could link it to the flickr group! There have been some great uploads!