Monday, 31 August 2009

This lovely little stone was included in the giveaway which I won from Diane at "Heart-shaped". It was inside a box full of delightful treasures. Look with me...

First a lovely tote bag made by Diane, beautifully embroidered and a lovely useful size and so well finished off inside too! Very impressive!

Then so many bits and pieces I forgot to photograph them all separately I was so busy enjoying the opening of everything. (I'm a December birthday - most of the year is devoid of things to unwrap!)

But look here at all these gifts - a knitted dishcloth, brooches, a jar of Hendersons sauce - still to be tried! Chocolate, ribbon, lovely nostalgic retro cards, beautiful lavender sachets, a Coca Cola glass, and lots and lots of buttons.

Enough buttons to wrap the heart shaped stone in a heart of buttony goodness!

Am I going to have fun deciding where to display all these lovely things. Thank you so much for your generosity Diane. I'm delighted to have been the winner.

I'm always amazed at the generosity of fellow bloggers not only with their giveaways but with the spirit. Reading the comments on others blogs I have been humbled by the caring nature of fellow bloggers particularly when somebody is having a hard time.

Today I've been particularly naughty and have been to both a car boot and then an antiques fair. As usual I managed to find some great bits at the boot - had to wear long sleeves for the first time in weeks as there was a slightly cooler start to the day but apart from that it stayed dry and there were plenty of sellers.

I found a great kitsch set of 6 50s(?) fruit dishes, some fabric with yachts and lighthouses on - probably Ikea(reminiscent of a certain CK fabric), a hand embroidered picture and a pincushion made in the style of the Victorian ones which were decorated with pins and beads.

A box of vintage costume dolls. Funny that I'm buying these - I always wanted one as a child but I didn't know anybody who went abroad in the 60s when I was growing up. Not sure what I'm going to do with them...

I loved these old bottles with glass stoppers - at 50 pence each they were a bargain.
I'm going to have to be realy careful though as one of them is embellished with the scary words "BREAKING OR USING THIS BOTTLE IS ILLEGAL"! Why I wonder? Has the law changed since the bottle was produced? Could somebody really be prosecuted for such a thing? How times have changed... Anyway I intend using it for display - don't tell the bottle police!
Also a cakestand - these are so lovely I keep buying them when I see them. Some may have to come to the Vintage and Homemade Fair on 7th November - see sidebar.

Moving on to the antiques fair, I didn't buy a lot but did pick up a selection of tins for which I'm a bit of a sucker.

This tin was not at all promising but I was amazed when I opened the lid to see this fabulous picture on the inside of the lid

I thought it would be great for dispaying items at the fair.

Then an old Christmas biscuits tin - well worn but still having a (slightly rusty) charm - I have several of these which I use to keep my Christmas decorations in. Its a shame that todays Christmas biscuit tins aren't so nicely illustrated. I cant imagine somebody paying for a plastic Roses tin in 70 years time!

A "Ring travellers" tin. If anyone can thow any light on this at all I'd be greatful. What is a ring traveller?

And last but not least a crinoline lady toffee tin - the sort you hope will be full of buttons. Unfortunately not this time!

Hope you're enjoying your Bank Holiday weekend.

Love Wend


  1. What a fab parcel full of goodies you won in Diane's giveaway!
    The face on the doll wearing the blue hat is so pretty.
    Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday.

  2. What a lot of lovely treasures - enjoy !

  3. What beautiful things you have recieved! I love the retro cards. I collect tins and love the ones you have especially the Cook & Co one
    Isabelle x

  4. PS. I saw this and thought of you....

  5. Ooh yummy goodies all round, heart shaped ones and booty finds. Loving the Christmassy tin!
    Have a lovely time finding homes for everything!
    Love Sarah x

  6. wow. thats some stash of goodies...loving your dolls and tin boxes , wish i could go to fair.

  7. OOh, you have done well, both with the fantastic giveaway and your lovely tinny finds. I have recently picked up a very, very rusty French Christmas tin, which I hope to use for Christmas decorations - it's going to make unpacking everything extra-special, I think.

  8. Glad you enjoyed your parcel. I love the dolls. I always wanted them too in the 60's. I'll have to keep my eye out for them. You certainly got some great bargains today. xxx

  9. Wow, lucky girl. I love all those buttons.

  10. Thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comment - what a wonderful giveaway, and some amazing finds at the boot fair!

    Pomona x

  11. Wow! It looks as if you hit the jackpot!
    So many wonderful vintage treasures!


  12. Oh, my- that post is full of all kinds of treasures!!! It's about time I found a good treasure of my own-- I have to get thrifting, pronto.

  13. oh what wonderful treasures!!

  14. Hello, I absolutely adore your site and I just had to leave a note for you to say so !

    Your posts are interesting, creative and original, and your pictures are great too.

    Perfection !

    Thank you for sharing them all and best wishes... Happy September

  15. Beautiful treasures and lovely gifts from Diane. Love the heart shaped pebble

    Carolyn ♥

  16. Hello Wend
    Thank you for joining the letter writing swap, which has meant I've found my way here to your blog- lovely! You know those post box stamps? I've ordered some... can't wait to play with them. And I know exactly what you mean about December birthdays (me too) so we must pounce on gifts and unwrap whenever we can! Your giveaway winnings look wonderful - I adore the embroidery on the bag. And as for your car boot/antiques fair finds, the Christmas tin is so delightful!
    I'm hoping to come along to the next Vintage & Handmade fair, as it's not far from here - but we had prior bookings for the last two, so I can't wait for this one to come around!
    Happy weekend (apologies for very long comment!)

  17. Oh I'm a donut brain... wrong V&H fair! So, no I won't see you there! But hope it goes well.