Saturday, 29 August 2009

Reasons to be cheerful - Moon and stars

Its no good . I've been trying not to go over the top but my gorgeous girl got her gcse results on Thursday. I am SO PROUD OF HER as she bagged herself enough A*s to make her own constellation - 9A*s and an A!!! I'm over the moon!

There she is on the left with her friend at the school gates having just picked them up - still unable to believe her luck! We celebrated on the night but she rang me earlier today to tell me that her picture is in todays local newspaper so I've just had to go and buy 4 copies at the supermarket!

To say I'm thrilled would be an understatement - things haven't been easy but she has worked hard to overcome her demons and has triumphed! I've tried not to be a pushy mother. I just refused to let her use the word can't. I told her its spelt "t-r-y!

This post is in your honour Miss Mopsy - my little star! (By the way - can you be called Mopsy at university?)

Love Mum (Wend)


  1. That is absolutely fantastic - you must be both be thrilled!!!! Well done.....shout it from the rooftops I say!!

    Best wishes to you both :)

  2. Huge congrats to your daughter! Well done her, what a brilliant result, you must be soooooo proud.
    Enjoy the celebrations.

  3. That's fantastic ! My DD (Darling daughter) got hers too overcoming heaps of obsticles and is looking forward to sixth form college. Bless ' Em ! xx

  4. That makes her one hell of a star!! No wonder you are so proud of her. Massive congratulations to Miss Mopsy - I am in awe!

  5. Hello
    I have just discovered your lovely blog. Well done to your daughter, she must have worked hard to achieve that. Celebrations now!
    Isabelle x

  6. That's fantastic news, you must be so excited and pleased those results are outstanding ! My daughter will be getting her GCSE results this time next year so she has a hard year ahead of her but hopefully will do well.
    Ann x

  7. Brilliant news! Well done, Miss Mopsy and, mum, you have every right to be proud! GCSE results next year for us here!! Keep on celebrating! Rebecca x

  8. How proud you must be, what a great result.