Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Would you like to come to an antiques fair? Jackets and big boots in case the weather is as bad as predicted!

Today was Swinderby Antiques and Homes Fair, near Newark. I decided a day off work was absolutely necessary and was there for 7.30. This is a huge event with over 3000 stalls so plenty of energy and determination is necessary. Brace yourselves ladies - we're going in!

It seems to be an event where there is little heed paid to presentation on most stalls with much of the stock strewn around the ground! I did like this little grouping of apparently inconsequential bits and pieces.

Wooden cotton reels - £1 each! I'd be rich if I sold mine!

Patchwork quilts and crocheted blankets. I was hoping for lots of textile stalls but they were few and far between. Even the textile stall holders were disappointed.

Its always nice to get a bit of inspiration - I liked this idea of a patchwork of eiderdown scraps under the glass of a Lloyd Loom table.

Hang on - we're being watched.

Oh look - now a stall to stop me in my tracks - eiderdowns and quilts and lovely stuff...Loving that rosy pink one - might have to have that.

Some flaggy colour.

Oh - I see grain sacks - must check those out...I recently paid (well lets just say too much) for one of these to put on my garden bench. But these were £5 which, compared with others I saw, was really good value. Yummy - some are even monogrammed!

Stool anyone? There's probably enough for us all to have a sit down!

Loving these little fellas...

and someone's made a lovely little vignette...

Ooh -globes. Mmm - maybe a bit bright?

Ah - my favourite stall for presentation - I loved these vintage linen night shirts. These were great but I couldn't find the stall again when I went back to buy one. Apparently they look great over jeans or for lounging in with a pair of leggings - perhaps not for the office.

So, the moment of truth. What did I buy? Well it had to be the rosy coloured eiderdown, a defeathered eiderdown in a black design - I've wanted one of these for ages...

and some grain sacks...

So now all I'm good for is a long sit sown in a deck chair with a glass of Pimms. Not sure who's going to sit in that grey one in the middle! Oh, but the sun isn't shining. Never mind, it's not raining either.

Love Wend


  1. Hi Wend

    I only found out yesterday that this is the last Swinderby. Such a shame as I'd always planned to get there. Had I know you were going and that there would be so many grain sacks and nightshirts at such prices I'd have put my order in! Heyho, a missed opportunity!!

    Lovely goodies you bought though.

    Sue x

  2. I'm not sure about the early start but that sure looks like
    retail heaven

  3. Hi Wend

    Yes please if you would be so kind that would be brilliant. I heard this afternoon that it was shifting to Lincoln, but I can never guarantee when I can get away! I gather it will be much smaller though.

    Sue x

  4. I adore the embroidered grain sacks and the vintage cotton reels - wow looks like you had a great time, no wonder you were tired at the end!


  5. lovely photos, i think i would have brought the eiderdowns too, they are so pretty and really nice to tuck your feet under too! i think i may have had to buy some wooden cotton reels too, i cant seem to find any for a thrifty price! fliss xx

  6. Wow, what bounty!
    Thanks for paying me a visit.

  7. Hi.
    Thanks for popping by and leaving me a message. It's always nice to meet new people and their blogs, especially one as lovely as yours! So much eye candy, your photos are gorgeous.
    Will be visiting again soon.
    Lisa x

  8. What a lovely post, so enjoyed that!
    I feel like i went with you....
    Wish we had more places like that here in the north west!
    Have a super weekend!xxx

  9. Wow what fabby finds, wish I lived nearer.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  10. I have always wanted to go to Swinderby, lucky you, it looks fun!
    Who knows I might be able to have a stall there sometime soon.. especially if there is a shortage of textile stands...
    Lizzie x

  11. I heard that Swinderby was on the move.. we are seriously considering giving it a try.. and might even do Newark in October....
    Lizzie x

  12. Wow, lots of wonderful things to buy there. £5 for a grain sack is a bargain!