Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Reasons to be cheerful - Shed Chic

Oh, a bit of sunshine again - must get up to the allotment. So much to do! It's a disgrace! I don't get up there nearly as much as I should and while I'm away Mother Nature takes advantage and attacks, urging weeds to advance along the paths and among the veg at a phenomenal rate and encouraging slugs to gorge on the plants growing into the hugest specimens that make me squeal when my hand brushes against one by accident. She tells the pigeons that I won't be there for a while so its ok to savage the brassicas. She tells the rabbits that Wend has planted more lettuces and that they are at the perfect stage for a bunny picnic in the sunshine. Meanwhile the birds pop in for a fruity pick and mix amongst the burgeoning fruit bushes. The veg in turn become veg behaving badly and sprawl about like lethargic teenagers or bolt as if they realise how lazy they've been and decide they must make up for lost time. The lettuces turn into beautiful inedible border plants two feet high, cougettes that I looked at (only a few days ago surely?) turn into marrows big enough to become offensive weapons.

So, faced with all this natural naughtiness what do I do? I pick up my camera and wander off to look at some of the other allotments and remind myself why I go up there. With waiting lists of up to forty years now I feel very lucky to have an allotment and know that others would make beter use than I have done so far but I keep learning! I feel inspired by the make do and mend way of the true allotmenteer (not sure if that's in the dictionary)- spotted this lovely little makeshift bench...

I love sheds - some people take great pride in painting them and making them
smart...(Mental note - must learn how to do links so I can show you the latest Country Living book - "Shed Chic" - take a look on Amazon)

others show us how to do it properly with window boxes potted tubs and a wood store...

others quirky like this camoflaged one...

and others just allowed to become old and shabby over time ...

but I love best the chippy paint

on this one

covered in its various layers of blue, yellow, green , blue again

probably repainted every time there was a change of owner each one wanting to add their own stamp of individualty. I love that this owner has just allowed it to become weathered and worn (like many of us!). I'm afraid I had to pick up and keep the bit of paint that fell off as I brushed past...

Doesn't she look wonderful in her coat of many colours?

Its good to take the time to stand and stare sometimes...


  1. Those sheds are wonderful! I've spotted that Shed Chic book, and also one in French with similar ideas - it's interesting that the French also find this kind of style attractive. Our under-watered French garden is just as unruly as your rainy English allotment - have fun with your veg!

  2. It's funny isn't it how each shed becomes a character and represents the person who owns it. I'm a great fan of chippy paint, it's so lovely and textured. It looks like you have a great mix of organised and shabby which helps keep the balance. We only have a small back garden but have turned half of it into a veg patch. We've just planted more chard and lambs lettuce and have been eating our beetroots everyday they are so tasty. Good luck with those marrows.

  3. Hello!

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog :)
    I have really enjoyed exploring yours!

    At the moment I am shed-less but am renovating my in-laws garden where my lovely late father in law built a shed which he then extended twice!! Ramshackle but solid as a rock, I am about to give it some TLC and plan to paint it a pale peppermint green if and when I find the right shade of paint! I absolutely agree with you that there is something about sheds....I just love them!

    I wrote a piece about them in my blog - you must look at some of these sheds....



    Beautiful aren't they!!

    How proud you must be of your daughter going to Edinburgh :)

    Best wishes to you :)

  4. It's not just the look of a shed, is it? It's the smell also....... lovely! (or does that sound ever so slightly "pervey"?? x

  5. lovely photos, do you have a shed too? unfortunately screaming at slugs doesn't get rid of them, i try that too!

  6. I'm impressed by the window box and wood store, someone is very organised!
    What will you do with the giant courgettes? My choice would be courgette and chocolate cakes!
    Lisa x

  7. The old sheds are lovely, they remind me of my grandad's shed when I was a little girl. I used to love the smell of the shed and the excitement of all the tins and jars where he stored assorted sized nails and all manner of things. It was his special place and I used to feel very important when I was allowed to help him do a job in the shed and spend time with my much loved grandad.
    Ann x

  8. Really love those dry paint textures. My shed/studio is my pride and joy, but unpainted on the outside...am waiting to see what happens! The green telephone box is in West Sussex, and you only get white ones in Hull! I'm a fanatic!!!

  9. Here's the recipe....
    Mix 4 grated courgettes, 1 mashed banana, 1tbsp water and 2 tsp vanilla essence in a bowl. In another sift 300g self raising flour, 1 and a half tsp baking powder, 4 tbsp cocoa powder, 75g caster sugar. Combine both bowl contents. Pour into a rectangular baking tin. Bake at 180c for 25-30 mins.
    Lisa x

  10. What gorgeous shed piccies. There is a book in the making there ... :0)

    I love wondering around allotments too. There is always so much going on ...

  11. Great shed pics, I love them all and thanks for sharing your visit to the antiques fair, can quite see why you were unable to resist the eiderdowns. Liked the 'stool pyramid' too. Best wishes. Lesley



  13. Hi Wend, thanks for the visit to my blog and your nice comments. Yours is lovely - very chatty and interesting with lots of great photos. I love allotments and the idea of allotments. It is such an English concept. Amazed at the 40 year waiting list, although I know they have become very popular recently.

    Great antique fair even if the textiles were a bit thin on the ground. Amazed at all those vintage nightshirts too. I have never even seen any around here.


  14. Hi Wend - you have won my giveaway!!! Let me have you adress and the parcel will "wend" its way to you this week. I am so envious of you haveing an allotment - and I know what you mean about sheds. Hope your daughter had a great time in Edinburgh - what an experience!!

  15. I knew it couldn't just be me who has a thing about peeling paint! We must be from the same shop. We have a book called 'Men and their sheds' - maybe you should write a womens version! Best wishes from Cornwall x

  16. LOVE IT!!!!
    I definately share a love for chippy paint with you hun!
    Annie x

  17. Hi Wend, Love the pictures of the sheds, I am all for chippy paint so much more interesting and of course less work for us who hate weilding paintbrushes. I know what you mean about mother nature taking over so quickly must get out and dig up the last of our potatoes but my work room calls far too much. By the way look forward to seeing you at our Vintage and Home Made Fair, Debbie

  18. Oh oh oh! Shed magic! The peely peely paint! I'm in shed heaven. I'll go and lie down now. In a darkened room.