Saturday, 8 August 2009

Flying lessons

I have been so excited for the last few days, not for myself but for my gorgeous girl who has been rehearsing for weeks since completing her GCSEs to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with the drama group she joined when she was 6. I originally suggested she joined this group to help with her confidence and thought it would be something which she would grow out of after a few terms. But she has stuck with it for 10 years and despite my suggesting it might be time to drop it recently she refuses to give it up. She has no desire to be an actress but loves the friendship and camaraderie she gets from this group of like minded teenagers.

Its a fantastic opportunity - there are over 2000 events to choose from between her own performances, anything from Shakespeare for breakfast to comedy for very late supper, and art and music, street theatre and drama! Many are free and she has identified at least 3 dozen she wants to see!

I've been told that other parents aren't going so I've had to make do with the dress rehearsal. (She left me a note saying "DO NOT CRY!")which I'm afraid I let her down on (again!). She's now left with her teddy bear hidden in her case (not that grown up then!) until next Sunday. I feel as if she's stretching her wings, a fledgling learning to fly and I'm just clucking around in the background. I suppose the best thing I can do is tidy the nest ready for when she lands again suffering from sensory overload and aching wings ready to have her feathers stroked...

Break a leg gorgeous girl,

Love Wend/Mum


  1. Sounds great fun! I bet your daughter will have a fabulous time and I bet you're really proud of her! Keep on clucking, she'll need the feathered nest when she gets back! Rebecca x

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. i have just been looking at your posts. That fair at Swinderby looks brilliant. I like you photos especially the one of the stack of small stalls. If you look up and at the 'what's on' at the top you will find the Aldeburgh boot fair listed, this is the one I go to which is just before Aldeburgh Highstreet usually about 15 good stalls.I noticed they have listed Sat and Sun I haven't been to the Sat one. The other one which is just off the A12 where you would turn off for the road straight through to Aldeburgh is called Friday Street, opposite side to the farm shop. that's the big one.
    That sounds like a really good group you're daughter belongs to, you must be doing a good job if she feels confident enough to go by herself, I know how you feel though.

  3. How exciting - she'll have a great time. Even if you do end up sitting at home during the longest week ever waiting for her return!

    Just think of all those things you could achieve in a week ...

    Sue x

  4. What a wonderful experience for your daughter, I hope she has the most fabulous time.
    Lisa x