Sunday, 2 August 2009

Reasons to be cheerful 1,2,3

With a nod to Ian Dury for those who remember!

Wonderful - a sunny Sunday! Oh bliss - this happens rather less than it should. I'm always amazed at how many sunny Mondays there are when I'm back at work!

Well no choice I have an internal mechanism that can eject me from bed much had to get up and dri, Early on Sunday has to start with a car boot and despite a slow start, where I thought my only bargain was to be half a dozen energy saver bulbs, I found this little table for the garden. I'd been looking for one but had been too mean to pay shop prices! Anyway I thought it was cute and it doesn't even need painting.

Next, a crocheted blanket. Regular readers will know that the last thing I need is another one of these! But I had to ask how much it was. "50p?" she said. Well it would have been rude to leave it wouldn't it? And it's made of pure wool! Yes its a bit bright but it will be good in the car!

Then an empty frame - another 50p. I was really pleased to spot this following my trip to Oxford last week - see last post. When I saw it I realised that it might just be the right size for a thrifted flag I've had for ages. Its very old and has worn very thin so wasn't up to being upcycled into anything else. The frame wasn't quite big enough but rather than cut the flag I've just folded it within the frame in case I get some other inspiration for it. In the meantime I'm pleased with how it looks! Should I paint the frame? - mm not sure....

It was only when I went to get the blanket from the washing line that I realised how patriotic the blanket looked and put the framed flag with it to take photos.

Not a huge haul today but I'm still thrilled with it.

And the 1,2,3 (in addition to my trio of "stuff")? - Lots of sunshine, a line full of dry washing and a bucket full of snails who will not now be able to feast on my hostas!

Have a good week.

Love Wend


  1. It may not be a huge haul but my god it's good!!
    If you come down to Devon, then do let me know!
    I'll meet you for a coffee in Ashburton (or Totnes!)

  2. Loving the flag in the frame..... I personally wouldn't paint it....... x

  3. Great car boot finds and your thrifted flag is fabulous! I think I'd be tempted to leave the frame unpainted. Katie x