Friday, 4 September 2009

Dare to be different!

Earlier this week the gorgeous girl and I decided to catch the end of summer and go for a drive and a picnic. I packed the picnic and put it my my recently thrifted 60s basket, gathered up the rug and set off. I had to buy the basket when I saw it as I was identical to one my mother had when I was a girl in the 60s. It has to be said the gorgeous girl's not a fan of my taste in clothes, decor etc, etc (but she is 16 so I forgive her!) She becomes quite traumatized when I wear certain cardigans (not cool) or when I use any of my baskets (of which I have at least - oh several!)

We spotted this field of cows and they were so wonderfully black and glossy and lovely that I had to stop to take photos. What intrigued me was the way in which they seemed to stand in almost exactly the same position as they chewed the grass,

not just those three but all of these and the rest of the cows in the field ...

except this one who steadfastly continued, almost in defiance of the rest, to chew in the opposite direction. "There you are" I said "he's ok - doing his own thing - its no big deal. In fact which one do you notice - all those who look the same or the one who dares to be different?" Is he a leader? He certainly wasn't a follower.
I don't think she was convinced by my argument...!

We continued walking and watched the tractor trailing across the fields now brown and turning their back on summer.

We came upon this lovely spot where I saw the trees framing the scene as if I was glimpsing,through a keyhole, the sure signs of autumn with the leaves just starting to change colour.

Hope you manage to catch a last bit of summer this weekend

Love Wend


  1. What a gorgeous post! As you know cattle are top of my list of favourites!!!

    Not sure about the wallpaper lining the drawers - don't think I'll have time, but maybe it could be a long-term plan!

    Sue x

  2. my granny had a basket exactly the same as that.

    that last photo looks like a constable painting....what a lovely spot for a picnic.

  3. my husband is the same, well all my family they cringe when i put a crochet flower on my cardigan or pack a basket! im still trying to find a nice vintage one! the trees framing the little scene looks lovely, you have such an eye! fliss xx

  4. I adore the basket - my Mum had one exactly the same ... it brought back a lot of memories!

    Carolyn ♥

  5. Your picnic sounded just like the kind of picnics I like. It is funny what you say about children being embarrassed by your taste in vintage clothes, bags & decor. My 9 year old daughter was like that for 2 years solid. Saying oh not those old things again, not white again, not....and so on. In the past 6 months there has been a remarkable change! She has requested a bedroom painted in antique white, she loves the vintage picnics & old VW campervans! So there is hope! aybe when she becomes a teenager is will all go pear shapoed again...For now I am enjoying the fact that I can share my interest with her.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Isabelle x

  6. I exhasperate my sixteen year old Darling Daughter too's our job ! xx

  7. Hi Wend - sorry to inform you, but you will become even more un cool as she goes through the late teen stage!! I appear to be banned from any involvment with her friends, but one of the mothers is allowed everywhere - she is the cool mum. Ive met her, and cannot see why she is cool and I am not!!! I love your vintage style picnic. That rug is stunning. xxx

  8. Thank you so much for your comment!

    I have so enjoyed reading this post and seeing your beautiful countryside. The pose of each of those cows is truly something.


  9. A perfect picnic spot. I think your basket is lovely!
    Lisa x

  10. Hi Wendy, Sounds like any other sixteen year old, thats what parents are for - to embarrass their children. Luckily my youngest daughter is 24 and past that stage also loves vintage, in fact now I have to fight her for things if we go shopping together, but my eldest just looks on what I buy as rubbish and give me a wry look when she sees yet another new treausre in the house.
    By the way the picnic looks wonderful, love the view of the river.

  11. The whole cardigan thing makes me laugh and brings back so many memories. Now my children are older they seem to appreciate my clothes and like me the way I am. You're time will come and anyway it's good to be different.

  12. Love that basket too! Have got another blog up and running as a replacement one. Hope you follow as you were such a pleasure to have as a follower. x

  13. oh wend this made me laugh as I remember feeling exactly the same about my mum and granny - then I grew up and realised how 'cool' knitted cardigans and wicker baskets actually are! I am one of those 30 somethings who is now desperate not to look young and chic but slightly grannified and comfortable!!

    And congratulations to your daughter on her results you must be so very proud!!

  14. Yes, my mother had one of those baskets too. It is sooo important for teenagers to have a parent who looks cool (and they want you to look just like everyone else's! then as they get older they admire you for your individuality.