Friday, 4 September 2009

A bit of yesteryear...

Guess what I had to buy when I saw it...

It was covered with "Ticking stripes" - (so the dealer was half way there given my penchant for almost anything made from ticking!)

A wooden end bit...

A flat iron

Yes you've got it! A brand new old ironing board. I had one of these when I left my parents home 30 years ago but over the years had been persuaded to dispense with it with a view to accepting that I was part of the twentieth century. But I've pined and pined for my old board and finally I decided that next time I saw one I liked I'd have it. I had hoped to get one and cover it myself but when I saw this I caved in. It's worried me slightly as I have just realised that I have recently bought an old wooden clothes airer, and that I have several of the old wooden advertising coat hangers and a peg beg made from mangle cloth. When I visited my special friend M yesterday and told her what I had done she presented me with these! I remember my mum having these too for removing hot washing from the tub.

I also have a wooden airer to hang from the ceiling waiting. I'm ok as long as I don't fall for an old mangle or a dolly tub! I'm not so old fashioned I want to give up my washing machine! (Although a house with a utility room would be good)

Enjoy your ironing - in the late summer sunshine?

Love Wend


  1. Hello Wend! Thanks for commenting on my blog. You have a lovely blog here. I do like youe new, old ironing board! I hope that it helps you to enjoy your ironing more!

  2. Oooh, what a lovely ironing board! I could really do with a new one, I will have to keep a look out for one similar!
    Laura x

  3. the wooden board is so much nicer than today's metal ones, it would nearly make you enjoy ironing , but i say nearly because...
    i like to avoid ironing, apparently the way to do this is to give your clothes the 10 minute test. i.e before deciding wheter to iron them put them on for 10 minutes and if they look ok after that ,there's no need!
    my clothes always pass the 10 minute test

  4. Gorgeous ! I want one ! we had tongs just like that

  5. you simply had to have it darling! It's so perfect :D Sarah x

  6. What a great find, of course with the ticking it just had to be yours!
    Lisa x

  7. This takes me back, we had a wooden ironing board when I was growing up that my Grandfather had made.

  8. Hello!!! Bringing up the rear on this one..... only just found it whilst going back (story of my life). What a lovely ironing board, so much more character than the metal jobbies of today. I have fond memories of washing tongs..... I had a twin tub when I had my babies many moons ago and used to fish the nappies out in a steam filled kitchen.... happy days!x

  9. Hello Wend! Just to let you know that you were a winner in my cat notecard giveaway at you over there!

  10. Just discovered you blog so saying hello!
    Love the vintage laundry bits and bobs. I've got a wooden ironing board too and you just can't beat them, so much nicer than the metal ones.

  11. The vintage ironing board is far nicer than the ones of today...
    Thanks for sharing! I now want one for myself also! Lol


  12. I have an ironing board exactly like yours. My nan gave it to me when I got married 31 years ago and she'd bought it second hand "many moons ago" its still going strong.... love your blog love Lucey x