Saturday, 26 September 2009

Just lovely stuff!

There's a lot to be said for snail mail. While modern technology provides instant access you can't beat getting home and finding some great mail! On Friday I arrived home to find a package containing all these stamps from the lovely Carolyn at Love Stitching Red. - Thank you so much Carolyn - I look forward to using them!

Also in the same post was a French stamp from Floss at Troc Broc and Recup - thanks Floss! Unfortunately I couldn't get a good photo of it but it was the shape of a piece of chocolate , the colour of a piece of chocolate and amazingly if you ran your finger over it - it smelt of chocolate! Both Floss and Carolyn had offered these stamps following my earlier posts about "things I do with stamps". Links to both of them are in my sidebar - they have great blogs!

In the same post I also received my Moo cards. I'm thrilled with these little cards. Where else can you get 100 cards with a different picture on each for little more than 10p per card? Brilliant.

This picture shows them at just about actual size. I hope I haven't breached any copyright with the Famous Five picture - that was a photo of a picture I have framed - it was the front and back end papers from a book which had seen better days so I rescued what I could and kept the end papers! (I love the end papers in lots of old books but that could be a separate post in its own right!)

The evening meal was delayed that night as I had to set out all the cards and have a good look at them. I'm really pleased with them.

As if that wasn't enough my 94 year old uncle had dropped off a package for me from his sister which contained a bundle of family letters from the 40s to the 80s including one she had written to my father 2 days before his wedding, reassuring him that he was only suffering from "wedding strain" and that everything would be absolutely fine after the ceremony! This was fantastic as I've been working on my family history for a few years now and anything which puts some flesh on the bones of the facts is great.

Yesterday there was a new craft market locally and I was pleased to see some good quality crafts. The weather was great and the market was buzzing. The craft market ran alongside the normal food and clothing market so the stallholders were assured of a good footfall.

I loved the vintage fabrics used on these bags and cushions and

the colours on the fairtrade stall

One lady had a distinct cat obsession...

Loving the cushions with the strips of Liberty fabrics...

Lovely stuff.

And last but not least - the lady who puts animal and bird heads onto people's bodies - strange but true and somehow weirdly attractive!

Hope you've had a good weekend!

Love Wend


  1. Hi Wend

    So glad the stamps arrived safely with you. What a fab start to your weekend - all that lovely post! You can't beat nice snail mail. It really is the best!


  2. How lovely are all of these? I am off to investigate those moo cards ....they look amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a lovely lot of goodies you had in your postal delivery!
    Lisa x

  4. Your Moo cards look great , like you I had to spread all of mine out so I could see each design and choose my favourites.
    Your local craft market looks like good fun. The local council her is trying to re -generate our market by having different things going on alongside the regular market. It has made the town centre much more alive on the days there is something on.
    Ann x

  5. Super posts: (Both the snail mail one AND the cyber one). Love those cards of your photos. Wonderful! x

  6. Lovely post. That craft market looks fun.


  7. the moo cards are great , just checked out their site, did you put text on yours ? they look great just displayed like that .....
    love craft markets but i always feel really sorry for the stall holders ( i don't know what it's like there but here in dublin nobody seems to buy anything...)

  8. I just found your blog and I too like stamps just got a sheet of "post box" stamps from royal mail delivered to put on all my christmas mail. Love the cards with the trees on made out of stamps clever you Lucey x

  9. thanks for the kind comment on my blog! Loving the stamp posts, certainly given me a few ideas - so much so I'm tempted to peel the stamps I've used so far off the canvas and start a new project! Loving the bright photos in this post and the Moo cards - keep meaning to order some myself! x

  10. Its lovely to receive gorgeous stuff through the post - makes up for all the bills!! You got some great things.xxxxx

  11. Hi Wend! It's nice to meet you! Thank you for entering my giveaway! It's lovely to come home from work and find such lovely parcels, isn't it? Have a great week :)

  12. What are Moo cards ? ! Lovely things. I have my great Aunt's writing case full of dance cards & formally written letters asking her on a date!

  13. thanks for your comment on my blog - what a wonderful parcel. What will you do with your stamps?

  14. Thank you for the answer on my Blog. I'm going to get my head round Flickr soon !

  15. Love the Moo cards Wend. I am tempted to get some too. I think they are lovely to have even if you don't give or send them anywhere. What a great market that was. Very colourful. I love the interwoven coloured bags.

  16. Some very lovely stuff!

    Amazing colourful!x

  17. Hi there!
    I have planned to make the "Moo" cards for a long time!
    I got so inspired by you I have to do it now!
    Nice blog you have
    Kindest regards

  18. Oh Wow!! I love your blog - I am back to August posts now - but bed calls - thank you for your kind words about my blog - I think we have loads on common!!!!