Sunday, 20 September 2009

Where can I find a mustard leaf?

Hi everyone - hope your week's going well.

I must just thank Simone of Linden Grove for her lovely giveaway of cat cards. It was lovely to receive these last week after a bad day at the office! So "Thank you so much", Simone.

Sunday saw a great car boot haul. Nothing major but lots of bits. I didn't think it was going very well initially having been at the boot by 7am. I got home at 8.45 but felt that there was more out there and that there wouldn't be that many more Sunday mornings before they stop over the winter months. So I quickly buttered a slice of toast, hopped back in the car to go to another which had only just started. (I hate turning up late - I always wonder what I've missed!)

I'm really sad and always have to set everything out on the kitchen table when I get home to admire what I've bought and closely scrutinise everything for blemishes, check for important labels , stamps etc - why don't I do that before I buy? I suppose I very much go on instinct - if I like it and its in my price range I'll buy. So tucked to the side is a framed Kaffe Fassett tapestry. Now Ive been sewing these for the last 25 years and know how much they cost just to buy the kit so when I saw this and remembered it as a design from the 80s had to check the price. £2! And it has been professionally framed with non reflective glass. Would it be sacrilege to take it out and make it into a cushion cover?

So, what else? Lovely fine tea cup and saucer, 4 silk hankies, couple of art deco bowls, a globe (difficult to find without electric wires trailing from them), couple of books - (don't you just just love the cover of "The Deans Watch"), lovely wooden candlestick, the little wooden shelf and the vintage 60s tablecloth. How do I know its 60s - because my mother had one which I call the "quarter of ham and a quarter of tongue" cloth. Before every weekend the two quarters of cooked meat were bought ready for Sunday tea (and there were 6 of us!) and were set out on a cloth which had exactly the same texture as this with checks in pink and green. Isn't it funny what prompts old memories for us?

But one of the best bits was the vintage "C" word decorations - I love the old decos-some of these are hand painted. (I know its too early to talk about C but they were part of Sunday's haul).

The Saint John's ambulance book is amazing - it was 30 pence and gives some classic advice - I love these instructions for hysteria:-

1 - avoid sympathy with the patient, and speak firmly to her - (obviously this would never happen to a man!)
2- Threaten her with a cold water douche, and if she persists sprinkle her with cold water.
3 - Apply a mustard leaf at the back of the neck. ( No idea what this is for or what effect it would have - any ideas?)

So I'm wondering, to be prepared, just in case the gorgeous girl gets one of these attacks, is whether any of you have a mustard leaf to spare or know where I can get one so that my medicince chest is complete?

Love Wend


  1. What a lovely haul! I just love the cup and saucer - I have a couple of old china cups and saucers and just love the idea of all the stories they might tell of who has drunk from them! No I don't think it would be sacrilegous (spelling?) to take the tapestry out and use it as a cushion cover if you'd get more joy from it that way. Go for it!

    Thanks for stopping by at mine.


  2. What wonderful finds, especially the christmas baubles and lovely wooden book shelf. Like you I always feel worried if I arrive late in case I have missed something. I also spread everything out on my kitchen table to admire them when i get home. Have a lovely week.
    Ann x

  3. Lovely car boot finds.Just what I would go for.I NEVER get to them early enough and the vintage stuff is always the first to go isn't it? Thanks for your comment on my blog,do pop in again.


  4. The pink cup and saucer is very pretty as are those Christmas baubles. Great finds.

  5. I love your description of the 60's tablecloth, it's so lighthearted and fun, a reflection of the times I think with families sitting down to tea.

  6. nice booty, love the little dolly of course, i went back to 'my' sunday market after an absence of 3 months ,( i'd had to stop i'm amassing too much..) it was heaven....tried to control myself but still came back with ANOTHER lampbase!!!! (and the rest!!!) but its such a good feeling isnt it and the best part is putting it all out on the table

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comment. I have to say that the decorations take me straight back to my childhood. And if a cushion is what you really want, then why not? It would look really love as a cushion - what a find for £2!

    Pomona x

  8. Make the cushion....... I used to work in a picture framing shop and I never lked non-reflective glass, always felt it "deadened" stuff somehow. Fascinating about the mustard leaf!!!!!!x

  9. That is hysterical advice ! We had tree decorations just like that sadly missing after Parents split. ( notice how I avoided the " C" word ?!) Mustard I have but no leaf though I expect the suprise of having mustard smothered on your neck might calm you down...

  10. Hi, didn’t you do well! I had to smile too myself I always lay my treasure out on the table so I can sit and have a look at it, the rest of the family think I’m sad. I’m so glad I’m not alone! ;0)

    Love Lou xxx

  11. Hi Wen, Just had to look the mustard leaf up and here we are:

    RED MUSTARD – this dark reddish-purple leaf has a strong, spicy flavour that adds life to salads. Can be enjoyed fresh or braised.

    I suppose the idea is to spice up ones life..mind you why on earth you would put it on the back of your neck is beyond me - still whatever floats your boat.

    Lovely finds by the way - as for spreading them out on the table doesn't everybody.

  12. I am glad you liked the cards! You got some great things especially the Christmas baubles. Delightful! The St John's Ambulance book has wonderful advice for hysteria!!!

  13. What lovely things you bought. I like the tablecloth, my mum had one too, and my granny did the quarter ham and tongue bit too, that certainly bought back memeories!

  14. Hmm... I'm fairly sure mustard leaf is used loads in Indian cooking, so I would recommend your local lovely indian food store (if where you are is anything like here they'll be three a penny and full of gloriousness - citric acid and kilo tins of ghee anyone?)

  15. I might be wrong, but I'm fairly sure that mustard leaf is used lots in Indian cooking, so I would go to your lovely local Indian food store. Not only will you (hopefully) find those, there is all sorts of exciting loveliness - I still get happy seeing packets of citric acid and kilo tins of ghee :D