Friday, 29 January 2010

Reasons to be cheerful - its the weekend

Tonight when I left work it was light enough (well only just) to take a picture or two. And its almost light when I go out in the morning so things are getting better!
Above and below is our local "Michaelangelo" which I drive past on the way to work. I love painted buildings and this always makes me smile - its so incongruous in the middle of a little suburb.

Popped into a charity shop and spotted a sale of childrens collectible books - ooh lovely. I had to buy this one but was disappointed when I got home and tried to peel the price stickers off only for them to ruin the cover. Why do they put the stickers on the front cover like that? Anyway I still love the picture - perhaps a little tea staining will help the bright white patch!

Arrived home to find my copy of Selvedge had arrived. This is a wonderful read and I read it from cover to cover and keep them all. Even the adverts are textile related in some way. Pure eye candy all wrapped around with fabulous insight, history, creativity etc etc

Hoping to pull in something creative this weekend.

Hope you all have a good time!

Love Wend


  1. Hi Wend,
    I know just what you mean about the price stickers in charity shops, I have had a few books spoilt by them. It seems a strange thing to do particularly to old, more expensive items. I saw Selvedge in a shop this week. I have never seen it before but the cover caught my eye. I nearly bought it and then saw the price and thought I would do a bit of research about it first. Have a lovely weekend.
    Ann x

  2. That is one of my pet hates...those stickers! I bought a lovely red and cream striped canister and when I tried to peel the label off it took the paint with it.Why can't they put them on the bottom of things like that? grrrr.T.K Max is particularly bad for that,they put the stickers on those lovely boxes of soaps and it takes off all the pattern.
    Right...I've had my moan!...have a lovely weekend.


  3. I can see why you chose that book the illustration is just lovely. Good luck with the tea staining!
    Hope you have a good weekend whatever you get up to.
    Lisa x

  4. Loving the painting on the building!! Just loving it. I am so glad you published about Selvedge, I have read it about on other blogs and was able to click on your photo to get a look at what sort of articles would be contained within it and also got to see the price of it. Not too bad if you get such an informative and useful magazine/book.

  5. So many blogs seem to be over the moon about the arrival of this weekend. I wonder why this one in particular? But, Yaaaay! I agree.
    Now easy-peel lables are available, why do some shops still use the ultra-sticky ones? And sometimes they're stuck over words on the package that you really need to read before buying.
    Although putting the price on the bottom is better, I really resent those shops that have the 'breakages must be paid for' signs and then put the price on the bottom of breakables. xx

  6. What a great find in a charity shop. With d/w too. Selvedge looks interesting. I've never seen it anywhere.

  7. Love the Michealangelo :o) and Your book finds, I must remember that tip with the tea.

    Thanks for Your Lovely comment on my blog xx am really Happy yo meet You and to visit Your blog :o)

    Wishing You a Happy Sunday xxx


  8. That book was worth buying for the fabulous cover. I love cover art. I'm sure you'll fix the mark.

    Stickers are a nuisance. Don't you hate buying a gift only to have a half removed stubborn sticker spoiling its appearance.
    OOH how cross I get.