Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Sleaford's hidden gems

Following the "more art" resolution Sunday saw a run out to Sleaford, home of The Hub, National Centre for Craft and Design

The exhibition showing was "Out of the Ordinary: Spectacular Craft" which had previously run at the V&A. Unfortunately I didn't get many decent pictures. So frustrating when I see all these things I want to share with you.

I was intrigued by the work of Susan Cullis which included this step ladder with what appeared to be paint rings on it. They were in fact pieces of inlaid mother of pearl and the effect was amazing. There was also what appeared to be a paint spattered dust sheet screwed up in the corner of the gallery. Again on peering closely I could see that each paint spot had been carefully embroidered. Weird and surprisingly beautiful.

A walk around the town revealed more beauty in the form of these railings which are ageing in a very gorgeous fashion. I loved this little corner too with the railings, overhanging windows, the fish shop sign and the reflected light on the window in the background and in the water below...

To get some relief from the pain in my ears due to the intense cold I recalled there was something worth seeing in the church (The church of St Denys - remind me to check what he did to deserve being canonised!). I'm a huge fan of stained glass and the effects cast by the light pouring through it.

I love this lady in green - just beautiful...

This amazing window is a recent addition in memory of a local lady. How wonderful to have something so enduring in your honour.

Then I saw the lovely William Morris window with its oranges and lemons -

just fabulous!

Hoping you're not snowed in!

Love Wend


  1. The Hub looks amazing. I have just been catching up with your posts and was reading about the Petrol experience and how understanding everyone was, just seems amazing these days. I see from above your love of chippy paint is still there, I am also a fan I think it gets into the soul. Merry Winter to you.

  2. I saw that exhibition when it was at the V & A - though it was fabulous!

  3. I read an article about that exhib *V&A* but wasn't lucky enough to see it : the ladders were one of my favourites as they resembled my own *but not as exotic of course*
    those windows are beautiful :
    how lucky you are to have such delights close by :
    I confess to being a bit partial to some 'blue&rust'

  4. Love William Morris, and stained glass, great post....S x

  5. Wonderful post! Loved the William Morris window and the step ladder was pure genius.

  6. Hi, we are snowed in so I have tea and shortbread,(my copies of Coast and CL havn't arrived, who needs them with the blogs that I follow!)
    The step ladder looks great, what an invetive idea, I wonder if I could do the same with my oak coffee table, I could use the marks left by son and partner as templates!
    Beautiful glass and I am glad to see that I am not the only person that takes pics of rusty metal!

  7. Ive put it on the list of places to visit (once the snow has gone)!!! Looks lovley

  8. wow theres beauty wherever you go.....very interested in susie culliss , your post makes me think how far 'art' and decoration has come ...i've never been to V&A but that's all gonna change this year

  9. Thanks for popping by my blog! I am really looking forward to my Hope & Elvis workshop, I have been wanting to go for ages!

    I know SLeaford well as I used to have a branch there, but I never knew about the Hub! Another place on my ever growing list.

    Pop back soon

    Vanessa x