Friday, 22 January 2010

Fun and Games

Well I must say a huge "Thank you" to you all for your comments throughout this week following my post about THE FORM last weekend. I have felt thoroughly hugged and that was just what I needed! Not one of you knows me but you all picked me up and gave me a gentle shove in the right direction and for that I've been both warmed and humbled. It's not been an easy week but I'm standing up straight again and you'll be relieved to know that THE FORM was sent in yesterday!

I also have to thank Joanne of "Things (handmade) for the lovely corsage above, which she sent to me as a thank you for my commnet on her blog.

So having sent in THE FORM I was pleased to end the working week early and had today off (Flexi time is a boon!).

Not wanting to waste this treat I planned each hour with CHORES that needed doing until 3 when I allowed myself to play a little. I got out my newly thrifted Snakes and Ladders board to photograph and remembered some others picked up last year.

It was fascinating to look at them together.

I think this must be the oldest with its very scary looking snakes.

This one (by SPEARS games) has a real 50s look to it (if anyone knows better please let me know!) with very cutsie children.

This one reminds me very much of the one I played with as a child...

But this one intrigued me with its very clear messages of right and wrong. There are very positive images at the bottom of the ladder - see square 37 where the little boy is studying with the top of the ladder at square 86 showing him getting prizes from his teacher whereas the the snakes have, at their mouths, naughty children - a girl pulling the cat's tail who is seen crying at the bottom of the snake because the cat has run off, and the boy using his catapult at 74 slides down to 49 because he is in trouble for breaking a window. But the girl washing dishes at 13 climbs the ladder and gets a trip to the circus at 31 for her trouble.

At 45 the girl who can't do her sums slides down to 9 where she sits with a dunce's hat (not an expression you hear now)

Does anyone remember these from your childhood?

Looking forward to a more relaxing weekend.

Hope yours is good.

Love Wend


  1. Hi Wend, sorry to hear about your horrible time at work. I truly empathise after going through similar last year. My job was deleted as part of a restructuring so after many years of service I had to apply for a promotion and go through a day at an assessment centre and numerous interviews. All very stressful at the time but I have come out the other side and actually feel more confident and stronger as a result. Hang on in there they won't want to lose you. Have a relaxing weekend now the dreaded form has gone, always the worse bit !
    Ann x

  2. Godspeed the FORM and may the CHORES not try your patience.

  3. Let's hope it's ladders all the way for your form and no snakes. I think we had a plain one when we were young, but I preferred playing Ludo. The 'moral tales' board is fascinating, can't imagine it being very popular these days.
    Have a good weekend, Jill

  4. Hey hunny,
    Been swamped under a pile of little bits of paper so please excuse my bad form and not seeing your last post until now! Slapped Hands for Annie!
    I think you got given a very Raw deal there hun...not fair at all :~( However I'm sending LOTS of Positive wishes your way!
    I love the board game pictures..I used to have the Green & White version and played this a LOT!!! Nice to see a little reminder of my childhood..thanks for making me smile!
    Chin up hun...xxxxx
    Annie x

  5. Glad "the form" is in. Everything is crossed here for you.
    How sweet is the last snakes and ladders?
    Have a grand weekend
    Rachael XX

  6. An absolutely fascinating post re the snakes and ladders boards............. have a great weekend

  7. Hi there, I am glad that you are more feeling more positive.I think your collection looks great together, have you considered turning them into wall art? I have a collection of lovely vintage toy tin buckets and watering cans from 30's - 50's with lovely scenes on them, maybe when the light is better I will blog them! Keep smiling Tracey

  8. Very interesting I had no idea that the original Snakes and Ladders ever had moral messages lurking beneath. They are probably still relevant today. I used a great big one in the classroom, the kids loved it for maths, I could have got a bit of citizenship in there too!

    I'm new to your blog - sorry to hear about the job situation. That's pants, old man's pants infact. Hope all turns out ok for you.


  9. Just catching up with you - I hate applying for jobs and that sounds ridiculous having to apply - bring back the good old days. Keep your chin up!!

  10. ahhh, i remember so well the dread of that rotten snake on either 99 or 98 or 97 ,,,EVIL.......i love the morality one and you've got light bulbs going on ,on the top of my head re a modern day version...
    happy relaxing weekend to you too

  11. I do! I still have mine, a bit battered but a great reminder. In the summer holidays all the kids in our little road used to play in each others houses all the board games every morning and outside every afternoon

  12. We used to have the '50s green and white one. If you look again you'll see that it, too, has the "morals" in the pictures. Brings back good memories. I wonder what happened to it?

  13. Hi hun! Have just found your lovely blog....sorry you're having such a crap time at the mo. My service has been undergoing a restructure for the past two years and now it is all coming to a head....not I do know how you feel.
    Try and keep smiling even if it's only a little one....
    If you have five mins feel free to pop over and say
    Hugs Karen x x x

  14. Thanks Wend for becoming my first follower.
    Now the heat is on! I'll have to make it interesting.