Friday, 5 February 2010


I'm looking forward to this weekend as its going to be rich in terms of real "me time". Today I'm going through some of my late Dad's things as on Sunday I'm going to a "Hope and Elvis" workshop: "An experimental day working with found objects, old papers, photographs & books. Stitch, type, paint & make memory journals, collages or cards for special family & friends." Earlier this week those attending were urged to pull together some bits and pieces we may want to include in a piece.
I can't bring myself to use "one off items" which I feel I need to save for posterity (I'm not sure why- he didn't live to see most of his grandchildren so his things won't mean much to them!) However I've unwittingly become keeper of the family archive so take my duties seriously! I carry an old family name as a middle name (PHIPPS) and have passed this on to Gorgeous Girl. Unfortuantely she is the last person to carry the name and she tells me she won't pass it on! (It's embarrassing!). I have traced the Phipps family back to around 1700 (George Phipps being my 6 x great grandfather. The family moved from Leicestershire in the early 1800s to Arnold near Nottingham where they became quite well to do and my 3 x great uncle became proprietor of Chestnut House Academy.

This was a boarding school and Joseph was very forward thinking in his teaching. The picture is of a lithograph signed by Joseph and the one below is a close up. I love this picture with its very wooden looking children!

So now I'm surrounded with lots of ephemera wondering where I'm going to start and what I can and can't use to create something special! And my camera isn't working! May be I should just try to keep things simple!

Tomorrow I have a vintage fair to look forward to in Lincoln! So hopefully lots of eye candy!

Hope you have some good things to look forward to!

Love Wend


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you DO create!
    Enjoy that vintage fair.Hope you find a few goodies there!

    Bellaboo :)

  2. Have the most wonderful time at both venues! Look forward to reading all about it. :O)

  3. I'm the same with legacy: I keep things that I think will be interesting ~ objects that have been passed to me: also stories and letters: the voices and lives of those past that shape our future as a family:
    looking forward to hearing all about your creations ~ have fun!

    when I was a child, my neighbour was called Ron Phipps:

  4. Have fun at both events. I've been looking through my old postcards this afternoon, lovely to find ones from those long gone.

  5. I have read about Hope and Elvis before and this post has reminded me. Have a fabulous weekend using some of those special pieces. I know what you mean about using them. Unless we think we're doing justice to them it seems wrong to collage and stitch into them but I hope you make something to treasure. Enjoy the vintage fair as well. Sounds like a great weekend.

  6. 'Hope and ELVIS'? I have to look into this.
    How wonderful to have a picture linked with your ancestry. I'm the family historian too, and I'd love to have something like that. I haven't found anything of note so far. xx

  7. Have a great time at the workshop, can't wait to see what you put together

    Victoria xx

  8. Ooooh, have a lovely weekend. I acn't wait to see your creations.
    Rachael xx

  9. Sounds brilliant! Have a gret time. xxx

  10. Hi Wendy, Ooh I am so envious, I too am the family historian and would love to have something like that to tie to my family. Like you I too have become the custodian of the family bits and spend lots of time trying to salvage things from the older members of the family. Cannot bear to see anything thrown away. Enjoy your Hope and Elvis class sounds wicked.

  11. How wonderful to be the guardian of a family name. I'm sure gorgeous girl may have a change of heart when she is older.

    Tell her my mum's family name is Cocker imagine that as a middle name. It's lost from my bit if the family but my cousins will carry it on. Sadly my youngest cousin is called Richard.

    My own gorgeous girl thinks it's hilarious. I just think what was my uncle thinking - Richard Cocker!

    Anyway I'm sure you will make something for her to treasure.


  12. Wend, this is all fascinating! Isn't it wonderful to know something about your family background?

  13. Hope you enjoy all you do this weekend and I look forward to seeing what you create.
    Lisa x

  14. Hello Wendy
    It was lovely to meet you today at The Beetroot Tree!
    I have enjoyed reading through your blog this evening; I really like the picture of the boarding school - such lovely gentle colours.
    Hope to see you again soon....
    PS If you like mismatched china then you'll love 'The Walk Tea Room' in Nottingham - have you been?