Sunday, 21 February 2010

What exhilarates you?

I leapt out of bed this morning ready for today's car boot. Ready to leave I opened the curtains to this! Don't you just love the way snow clings to the narrowest of branches outlining and defining the shapes and structures around us?

If I listened to the weather forecast I would have known but I don't preferring not to let weather influence what I'm doing. Still, that sort of covering of snow would put off the most hardy of stall holders!

Yesterday I browsed a 1923 magazine and came across some fabulous adverts.Just look at this description of exhilaration ...

Are you buried by the weariness of work or the accumlating cares of the world? Despite work having been the source of much frustration for me I will not let it bury me. (For those who gave me a huge bloghug when I was completing THE FORM last month - I got the job at the lower grade so now have to get used to a signifcant pay reduction - good job I'm a seasoned thrifter! Again I do thank you for all your support - I was amazed). I digress - I seek my opportunities to brighten the days all the time.

Spotted last week in Anthropologie were these very retro looking glasses (above) hardly a snip at £10 - EACH!

Spotted (and purchased)in a charity shop this week the set below - the real thing, a complete set of 50s glasses for less than half the price of one from Anthropologie! I admit to a tad of exhilaration at my find. Exhilaration for children only - I don't think so!

What exhilarates you - do tell!

Love Wend


  1. Like you I got up early to take Josh out for a long walk and opened the curtains to the snow. I hadn't watched a weather forecast so was taken by surprise. Love your 50s glasses, much nicer than the Anthropologie ones. When I unexpectedly stumble across a little gem in a charity shop or boot sale I share your exhilaration. I think it's great that something so simple and at little cost can cheer me up so much. Sorry to hear about your work situation , how annoying !
    Ann x

  2. I am always amazed how so much snow clings to a tiny twig. The snow really defines the shape of the tree. I love lifting the bathroom blind to see the sun shining in. I think the best things in life are those that are just there for all of us. The meadow near me is such a joy at all times of the year it is particularly amazing when the buttercups are out. Sorry and pleased to hear about your job hope it all works out well for you. Shall look forward to seeing more of your finds at car boot sales as spring comes.

  3. Like the previous bloggers I am sorry about your job situation but glad that you still have work! Hope things will work out for you and knowing how you enjoy thrifting I am sure they will!

    I find a day near the sea especially on a rocky coast in winter when the waves crash onto the rocks below totally exhilarating - not sure having a bath in Wrights Coal Tar soap would be though the smell would put me off! (For those too young to remember the smell of Wrights Coal Tar it was not a pretty perfume!) Love that ad though and thought the bit about the priceless gift of exhilaration being lost to the weariness of work and the accumulating cares of the world very true. Maybe we should all try and recapture a bit of our childhood sense of exhilaration - though maybe not with WCT soap!

  4. Those glasses were a great find and much nicer...I think...than the Athropologie ones!
    I find long walks with dog and OH very exhilerating...even at this time of the year if you're well wrapped up against the elements.Also unexpected lovely thrifty finds in my fave antiquey shops.Had a chuckle at the soap ad!

    Bellaboo :o)

  5. I would very definitely buy that soap from that ad, even if I knew it weren't true. Glad to hear you are being so resilient, and I hope you get a fine opportunity one day soon to storm out of that job in a sizeable huff.

  6. Your glasses are much nicer!
    As for something exhilerating...well I think that stumbling across something vintagey,out of the blue,does it for me!

  7. I am siorry to hear about your work and hope that it is something that can be resolved in time.

    I love your glasses, I too would be very pleased with that thrifty find.

    What exhilerates me?...A project I have visualised in my head and then transforming it into reality, such as decorating my lounge at the moment.

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  8. What exhilerated me today was finding two little pressed glass sundae dishes for twenty pence each and a dear little bone handled tea strainer for five pence at a table top sale in our village. I just like to sit and think about how many cups of tea with real tea leaves and real cups and saucers (as opposed to mugs) it has seen, as well as how many celebrations etc................

  9. Browsing CS and finding wonderful treasures to bring home and love exhilerates me. :) xxx

  10. great find with those glasses, i can feel your exhilaration,
    I regularly go to auctions and love the exhilaration of getting what i fact whether at auction or not....getting what i want it always pretty exhilarating....
    PS. snow photo is really lovely....

  11. The sea, by it, in it, on it! The only problem is that I live so far from it! (at the mo!)
    Tracey x

  12. Sitting on my stone bench in my garden and feeling the breeze on my face. For some reason, last year, it became important, something I needed - and yes, it was exhilarating. Do you think bathing with Wrights coal-tar soap would be a good substitute?
    Great find re the glasses. I can almost hear the ice tinkle. xx

  13. A walk in the wind exhilarates me. Always good to blow away a few cobwebs.

    Or warm sun on my face and a cool drink fills me with joy in Summer. Especially out of fabulous glasses.

    Sorry about your job but who needs money when there are fabulous treasures to be had.


  14. Fantastic news about your job, not the pay cut bit though!
    And I much prefer your 50's thrifty find to the new retro ones.
    Lisa x

  15. Hello colour swap of the things i love about swaps is 'meeting' new people!!
    I'll have a good nosey round your blog later.
    LissyLou xxxx

  16. Ooh, loving your blog! Those glasses are awesome. The picture in exhilaration looks exactly like my twins, cheeky expressions n'all!

    Soooo sick of snow, come on Spring, time for the daffys. xx

  17. I do agree with you about weather forecasts. I am too tied to them and find they often shape a day badly because they turn out to be wrong. Your glasses are such a good find. i was in Anthropologie last week. I bought a scarf but felt slightly sick about the price. Exhilaration in rather short supply just now. I really need some daylight! But a walk on the South Downs did it on Saturday. Those sunsets.

  18. What a gorgeous photo! Even though it meant missing the car boot! Have to say that getting a bargain is very exhilarating!
    PS I've just finished reading the Behavious of Moths and thought it was fantastic!

  19. Love those glasses they are great, my grandmother had a set very similar with flowers and butterflies on I loved them as a child I wonder what happened to them....

  20. Gorgeous glasses, at prices that kick Anthro in the can, that is awesomeness! ;)

    What exhilarates me is finding something amazing at a reasonable or crazy low price. For instance, I found a gorgeous dark orange leather jacket at a local thrift shop for $30 the other week. I've practically been on cloud nine ever since.

    Love the vintage finds on your blog & the flowers, too.

    PS: I visited the Midlands during college years ago; it's a lovely part of the world!!