Saturday, 17 April 2010

Boot style?

When I posted this picture on Flickr a few days ago I was amazed that somebody flagged it as a fave. I realised I haven't shared any pictures of home on my blog. Usually that's because with all my vintage finds it's not often as tidy as it should be. However I have been decorating our snug so some serious clearing has had to be done. The snug is my official name for, as Alan Bennett would say, "the other room"

Very little of what I have matches and that is ok - I like it like that! Rooms are constantly evolving as one new find replaces another. The picture above is my favourite chair - a Laura Ashley firm button back from 20 years ago - shabby but still the most comfy chair I have, and speaking of comfy the throw on the back is a vintage Durham Comfy. The cushion is an Elizabeth Bradley needlepoint which I snapped up at a charity shop. (£100 new on the website so a snip at less than £5, pad included!)

This chair is a 1950s Lloyd Loom in gold. The gold has mellowed over the years and I have several pieces in this colour. This was picked up at auction. The ones in good condition I keep inside, those that have had a bad paint job get relegated to outside. I never paint LLs as I prefer to see their faded worn colours.

This one was also picked up at auction - the back is caned but the seat is sprung and is covered in a very 60s nylon cover which would be great in the right setting - but not here! I have just put the seat in a vintage grain sack. I love that you can see the red stitching across the sack. Niobe bought me the little crocheted sausage dog for my birthday.

The little cabinet to the right of the chair I picked up at the car boot for £4 a couple of weeks ago - it isn't Lloyd Loom but it fits in fine. The one to the left is an old sewing cabinet.

This is my favourite piece of furniture - totally impractical - (how many people do you know who like spending long sitting on a church pew?). Still it fits in with the "useful or beautiful" test so its allowed to stay. It's good for setting off my cushions! I have stuffed a grain sack with a couple of pillows for the seat itself.

My cushions are a mix of vintage ones that I have rescued and put new backs on to stop them disintegrating further, some bought and others I've made myself.

On the hymn book shelf I prop 50s floral (Vernon Ward if I can find them) pictures and books with great covers.

Behind the Lloyd Loom are shelves which have lots of my car boot finds, my Timothy Richards doorways and some of my non-orange Art Deco Myott pieces.

And finally some bits of car boot haberdashery faffed and put in an old glass pot!

You've seen Vintage Style, Bazaar style and Flea Market style. Mine is a mixture of all three with some Car Boot Style thrown in!

Hope you're enjoying the sunshine

Love Wend


  1. Oh your interiors are wonderful - your cushions are especially covetable Wend. I can see that all these little spots could bring a huge amount of pleasure..

  2. It looks like you have a beautiful home filled with lovely things! I love everything in these photos, I think the shelves are my favourite though.... so many pretty things!
    I have to ask, where is the doll thing from on the bottom shelf? I love it! xx

  3. Well whatever it's called it looks like a lovely home to me. I love the way the things all have meaning and like silver pebble I love the cushions too.

    Jane x

  4. It's a very snug looking snug indeed!
    All your cushions are wonderful.
    Lovely to see your special tank top hanging up with it's new creations on.
    Lisa x

  5. You have a lovely home and some gorgeous vintage pieces! Thanks for showing us.

    Bellaboo :0)

  6. Gorgeous post. I love the church pew and the cushions. Cushions make a home more "homely" somehow...........

  7. wow, your home looks lovely wend ,really inviting and comfortable, what every home should be and so full of goodies....your too shy and modest....the cushions are really beautiful.they need a post all of their own, your dads tank top on the wall, your shelves are extremely tidy and could spend every free friday from now on just looking at them....
    your going to fast for me on these posts, so congrats on the last one and your new found little bit of freedom , i'm sure you'll really enjoy it.

  8. Hi Wend just found your blog and had a lovely visit nice to meet you

  9. What a lovely, comfortable home you have! I could settle down in here quite easily. I like that it's so uncontrived and unpretentious, just as the best homes are!

  10. Hello, I have enjoyed having a good nosey around your snug! Lovely. We share a love of Lloyd Loom. I have several pieces picked up many years ago at auctions for 50p. I learnt that the trick is not to paint but to spray with car paint. Now I want a crochet rug for mine. I like your little doorways too.

  11. You have a lovely home! A home should be filled with items you love and cherish, that makes it feel warm and lived in...Thanks for sharing

  12. You have a beautiful home Wend. It looks loved and that's how it should be. I have never heard of Vernon Ward? I must search him out to find out more. As an extra to your last post I have only just found out that there is an exhibition in London celebrating Brian Wildsmith at 80 but I think it finishes tomorrow! It's on at The Illustration Cupboard and a search will being it up and show lots of his work. Lesley.

  13. Hi Wend, Thanks for letting me press my nose up against the window and peer into your sung. Very warm and welcoming it looks too.

  14. Hi Wend Thought you might like a little award for your efforts.

    Cate x

    click on the award on my page save and paste on yours, maisie's attic has an explanation of how it works save me rambling on : )