Sunday, 11 April 2010

Today is the first day of the rest of my life...

For the last 20 years I have collected childrens illustrators (well books illustrated by certain artists). This is only through the books themselves usually picked up at car boots etc and sometimes managing to find a first edition. One illustrator that I love from the 60s and 70s is Brian Wildsmith...

His books were always educational but have lovely illustrations. The Fishes includes all the collective nouns for different groups of fish...

I was going through this one and found this one (un)imaginatively titled "Squirrels"

but I hadn't realised they could swim! I digress...

The other day I flicked through "The Circus" enjoying the old images.

Some of you may recall the trauma I went through on appyling for my job at the grade below that which I have been doing for the last two years. Although I was successful I have found it difficult to come to terms with working at the lower level and know that things won't improve.(Government cutbacks - don't ask!)

The illustrations put me in mind of my office. I've felt like the men in the human pyramid - constantly holding up/supporting others, (I'm the bewildered looking one in red trousers below the one in yellow trousers)

being creative and innovative...

constantly jumping through hoops...

and juggling and spinning plates.

But today IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF MY LIFE as I have GONE PART TIME after 32 YEARS! Today was my first non paid Friday. I've been mulling this over for three months but finally took the plunge deciding that I needed to regain some control.
Today I spent some time in the sunshine taking time to "smell the roses". Now I can metaphorically ride bareback for 3 days a week - its only a small reduction but I'm hoping it will help me regain some sanity and balance in my life!

Hope you're feeling balanced and grounded ready for the weekend!

Love Wend


  1. I know the feeling and working part-time instead of full time certainly does take some of the pressure off but be aware that you will suddenly find you are spinning even more plates as thinking you now have more spare time you will find yourself trying to fit in more of the things you enjoy doing and never quite knowing which hat you are wearing today!! Still it's great to shut the door on work and spend some time in your "other" lives. Best wishes for the Rest of your Life!! Enjoy!

    Jane x

  2. Congratulations Wend - enjoy every moment, and every Friday. It's great to hear that you stopped - hope the roses smelled good.

  3. getting control and a happy work/life balance was essential to me on my return to work so i can kind of relate to where you are coming from. I too work for the government but not in any important capacity, just a small cog, but the cutbacks are a nightmare, more targets, more work, less staff.
    Besy wishes with your new start.
    Lisa x

  4. What a beautiful, beautiful way of expressing your feelings via Brian Wildsmith illustrations. I used to love them when my children were little and you have brought such lovely memories back.

    Enjoy your bit of freedom and smell those roses big time!

  5. Hoorah! Good for you. Life balance if hugely important. Enjoy your new found Friday freedom! Love the illustrations you featured. I was talking to the lovely Penelope who runs Rosablue (gorgeous shop here in Cheltenham) about how much we'd love to go on a Julie Arkell course and how inspired we were by your post about the one you've been on! Katie x

  6. Well done for taking the plunge! I'm sure you won't regret it - although it is a big decision. I too love children's illustrators - my fave are Angela Barrett and Jane Ray. x