Thursday, 29 April 2010

Going on an adventure!

Thought I'd just do a quick post before I go off on my mini adventure to the Vintage and Handmade Fair in Chipping Sodbury on Saturday, preceded by meandering my way down tomorrow, via whatever little towns I can find and avoiding motorways on the way.If you see me at the fair do say hello - it would be lovely to meet you!

The top picture is auriculas in my garden - love these little flowers with my little Sylvac dog amongst them! The auricula theatre alas isn't mine - it's at Calke (National Trust) in Derbyshire and is at its best when its used for its designed purpose.

This is my favourite auricula (Calke's not mine). Isn't the flower dramatic?

I must away - there are 3 guys called Nick, Gordon and David awaiting my attention on the sofa!

Have a good weekend!

Love Wend


  1. Hi Wend

    Gorgeous auriculas. So pleased to be meeting you on Saturday at last (far end of the hall, left hand side I think!). Have a jolly time meandering ...

    Sue x

  2. Have a great time on Saturday Wendy. I am listening to the same 3 guys while I am typing this.
    Ann x

  3. Aren't they magic little flowers - they look as if they have been designed by an embroiderer.
    Have a great time at the fair.

  4. Have a lovely time, what a pretty flower it looks like it's dusted in snow.
    Cate x

  5. Also Love auriculas, mine are a little behind in flowering this year.. do come & say Hello tomorrow! Lizzie x

  6. Have a wonderful time at Chipping Sodbury. It is on my doorstep and I would have loved to have met you but can't go to this one. Loved the pictures of auriculas, especially the theatre.

  7. Have a great time...I'm envious.

    Bellaboo :0)

  8. Auriculas are such charming and old fashioned looking plants. Sadly, I have never had much success with growing them.

  9. Those auriculas are gorgeous. They are so perfect they look unreal.

  10. Hope you had a great time. xxx

  11. Hi, I used to live in the Midlands near Worcester and I collected Auriculas (try Ashwood Garden Centre and the Malvern Spring Show).
    Now I live in Devon and run This'n'That.
    Lesley :)

  12. Hope all went well at the fair.
    Auriclas are just so beautiful, so cheery.
    Lisa x

  13. Hope you enjoyed the Fair and bought some lovelies.Was lovely to meet you in The Poppy cafe across the road,looked out for you in the fair but so busy. Now I no your blog will stop by again & you have encouraged me to actually write on my own after our chat.
    Lin x