Sunday, 25 April 2010

Fabulous florals!

The last couple of weeks have been frantically busy. Last week saw me delivering a thousand poll cards ready for the election on top of the day job. I do this in a large village a few miles from where I live. These pictures of magnolias were taken as I pounded the pavement in Burton Joyce (or Bert & Joyce as I think of it given the number of old folks bungalows!)

Magnolias are my favourite tree/shrub and so often their beauty is marred by late frosts. This year we've been really lucky and haven't had any frosts bad enough to brown the beautiful flowers.

I love all kinds of magnolias but have a particular fondness for this one - Magnolia Stellata with its more delicate but nonetheless fabulously striking and pure flowers.

Isn't it lovely?

This week saw the first of several visits to universities - Cardiff first. No pictures though - this was Niobe's trip so I (with difficulty) reliquished control! I was pleasantly surprised. I had concerns about Cardiff being a large faceless capital but found it to be much smaller than I thought with everything within walking distance...1 down 4 to go!

I thought I'd include this shot which is the railings outside Niobe's school. The railing are an old lace pattern as the school is housed in an old Nottingham Lace factory. I thought the forsythia looked lovely poking through - the railings are usually obscured when the plant is in full leaf.

And flowers seems to have been a theme this weekend - I've managed to pick up three lovely pieces of vintage fabric - the gold floral

the crackle background

and tucked behind those in this shot a piece of barkcloth already hemmed on all sides.

So thrilled - I can feel some more cushions coming on!

And I should also say - this is my hundredth post, I've recently just passed 100 followers and it is just over a year since I started my Ticking Stripes blog. I'd like to thank you all for popping in and sharing some of my thoughts and for commenting - it's lovely when people take the time to comment. I'd never imagined how much I would get from having my own blog - its been amazing! A giveaway is called for - once I can come up with something desirable!

Have good week

Love Wend


  1. Congratulations on your century and 100+ followers too - well done! Love the photos of the magnolias especially the dainty little Stellata. Those railings too are fabulous in design - could use that design in something creative perhaps?

    Good luck to your daughter hope she finds a uni she likes and that she gets a place in that one.

    Jane x

  2. Congrats on reaching 100x2 and one year anniversary.
    I have had a magnolia in my garden for about five years. Not once has it flowered, and yet my neighbour's is in full flow.
    Have fun with the fabric. xx

  3. Lovely flowers and railings pity they don't make them like that anymore.
    100 well done,
    Im doing the uni thing again next year its hard not to have too much of an opinion, hope it all works out
    Cate x

  4. Nice railings - well pretty fantastic railings really!
    And just love the barkcloth - what is it about fabric?
    Ughhhhh the uni thing - we've done 3 out of 4 sons!

    Vicky x

  5. Congratulations on a successful blog, love the magnolia especially the stellata. And well done for capturing those railings - a piece of art in themselves.

  6. I absolutely love the Magnolia stellata as well and am determined to invest in one this year for my garden. Great photos. Lisa


  7. Those railings are extraordinary! What a beautiful picture. I also love the photo of the Stellata magnolia, it is so pure and white.....

    Congrats re your blog. Here's to many more.

  8. Hope the uni visits go well. Love the photo of the railings.
    Lisa x

  9. congratulations on your 100th post!

  10. Love those railings.
    Glad you liked Cardiff, we lived there for 15 years during which husband did a degree and PhD there, then after he'd finished, I got a job in the Uni, so we know it from both sides. It's a lovely friendly city, quite compact as you say, and the student life, accommodation etc. is very good. Hope Niobe finds a uni she likes - it's an exciting time if a bit fraught with anxiety!

  11. Congratulations on passing your century!
    I hope you continue to enjoy blogging.
    Lovely fabric by the way.

    Sandie xx

  12. Congrats on your 100th post! Love the Forsythia hedge. The fabrics are really pretty

  13. Well done on reaching the 100 - that's a lot of communicating! And I love the Nottingham lace railings. Happy choosing to Niobe.

  14. Congrats on your 100th post - i still love re4ading your great blog. Lovely photos - Uni visits - start of another era!!! xxxx

  15. i have a stellata in full bloom in my garden too., it's a big huge favourite of mine ., it's a terrible pity it has such a short blooming time , railings are amazing too...congrats re .100 posts.....gosh it only seems like yesterday...

  16. Oh lovely photos I have also been drooling over magnolias this week at the garden centre wishing I had the space for one .Lovely railings I think the uk should have all railings replaced .
    My gorgeous girl has also got the nudge from her college to go out and look at unis it feels so scary to have them flying the nest so soon ,where has all the years gone?

  17. The magnolia's are magnificent at the moment.We are lucky enough to have one in the neighbours garden next door,so we get the benefit of it.One day we noticed some men with saws and ladders and we thought Oh no!...surely they're not going to have it cut down...but they were there to prune it.Congratulations on your 100.I have a GIVEAWAY if you'd like to enter.

    Bellaboo :0)

  18. Congratulations on your first 100 posts- it is always fun to stop by and see what you have discovered.

  19. Hi Wendy,

    I have an "I LOVE YOUR BLOG" award for you!When you have time please call into my blog where you will find your award!!xx


  20. My Magnolia Stellata has died. I'm so glad to see yours in fine fettle. I've never seen such a beautifully planted Forsythia before. Congratulations on your 100th. Doesn't time fly?