Sunday, 11 April 2010

Sunday treasure hunt

Today started bright and breezy and I had high hopes for a good car boot. I wasn't disappointed! The small hamper was part of the haul and the round plate is a tin cocktail platter (obviously I'm always having cocktail parties so this will be incredibly useful and I don't know how I've managed without it previously!) The gravy boat is another piece of Beryl "Utility ware" which I keep picking up.

The fabric at the front of the basket is actually a Tootal scarf from 50/60s. Although these were made for men I have lots of them and often wear them as I love all the colours and patterns. At the back of the picture you can see some old baking tins - these have a scalloped pattern at the base of the tin to create a pattern on your pastry presumably. If anyone knows of a good way to clean these up so that I dare use them please let me know! In front of those are some terracotta plant pots which I pick up when I see them as I manage to lose some every winter.

Two unpleasant looking plastic bags yielded lots of sewing items and I was thrilled to pick up this Lexicon which I have plans for...

I loved this pretty biscuit barrel - unfortunately cracked but still displaying nicely...

I looked at the thimbles and was intrigued to see lettering around the edge - one saying "Use Hudsons Soap" and another "Lyons Green Label Tea" - has anyone seen these before? Were they earlier years freebies do you think?

These next two items I picked up at a charity shop yesterday - the decoration inside and outside this tea cup is delightful and I couldn't leave it on the shelf.

But look at this coffee cup stand! Have you ever seen anything like it? Where on earth do you display something like this? Perhaps now I need to find an old fashioned china cabinet! (Although Niobe has threatened to leave home if I bring home another piece of furniture) - Now there's an idea...She's currently in the middle of her Duke of Edinburgh practice camping somewhere in Derbyshire - one more day to go...It might be sunny in the daytime but it still seems a bit chilly for camping to me!

Almost forgot - I've been meaning to post about the colour swap I did run by "Dolly Dollop". I was partnered with "Lissy Lou and the two little boys" who sent me green items some jams, a lovely handmade heart, cup and saucer, some coloured papers, Cath Kidston tissues, some buttons and a candle. These gits were all wrapped beautifully in green tissue and floral wrapping paper. Thank you Lissy Lou! This was my first swap and was good fun.

I sent Lissy Lou pink items - we were asked to stipulate our colour choice. I think she liked them!

Hope you have had a successful weekend!

Love Wend


  1. I love to see what people have found at the booty!!
    That hobbies book looks interesting! ;-)

  2. this is a good hoard - well done

  3. Wow! One of my favourite things about blogging is seeing what people have found at Car Boot sales! Looks like you got some real treasures this week!

  4. What a treasure trove you have - just can't get myself up and out earlier enough to find anything worth having!

  5. You lucky girl hun! ....such fab goodies. I wish we had such good car boots.
    Very envious...I shall just have to move in LOL!
    Karen x x x

  6. Didn't you do well! At the car boot and with the swap.
    My mother-in-law started to collect the beryl ware a couple of years ago and now has quite a few pieces.
    Lisa x

  7. You seem to have fantastic car boots where you are...... I love that cup and saucer and would also have bought the bag of sewing stuff had I been there! enjoy!

  8. What great finds - my dad has a scarf just like that which I would like to get my hands on. (I did get him to part with one - a lovely green stripey one)
    Great swap goodies too.

  9. you have found some great treasures there, I really like the biscuit barrel. Have a good week.
    Ann x

  10. Wonderful treasures. I love your colourful doily. :) xxx

  11. How joyous - my idea of a great day. I too am thinking of holding a cocktail party - I think that it is a real shame they are not so in vogue as they used to be! ;)!! Similarly I love Tootal scarves and have far too many but they just add a little bit of colour on a grey day. I spotted a huge amount of Beryl Ware at our carboot at the weekend (£10 the lot) but I had to doubly restrain myself as I had only got rid of all my last lot a year or so ago!
    All lovely

  12. Wend, you're a SUPERSTAR to come up with the jam jar article! Our president will be visiting your queen to thank and commend you. There will be canap├ęs and a medal for you. I hope you happened upon plenty of good reading along the way. The flour dredger is a great idea, and the beer-trap, of course.

    And the coffee cup stand is an essential element of stylish living. I don't have one myself and feel ashamed.

  13. lovely treasure indeedy. i've never seen thimbles as freebies before , but lyons green label tea is my label of choice...and i would have known about that .....unless they limited it to just the UK ....i must have our president query that with your queen when they meet at your commendation...enjoy

  14. Hi Wend,

    That is quite a haul you found there, like you I am always looking at furniture and hubby tuts me everytime I see something and say but it would look sonice in the....

  15. You have a fantastic eye for beautiful pieces...fab finds. x

  16. Lucky you! I got up early for our first boot fair but it was really manky stuff! Love the biscuit barrel and coffee cup stand.

  17. What a fantastic collection of goodies. I love CBs and CS but ours have had poor pickings lately. Looking forward to a car boot at weekend though with high hopes!