Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Uggs and cropped tops?

Thank you so much for the good wishes to Niobe on her birthday. I was very touched. (not sure what went wrong with where it ended up on my blog as it seems to have buried itself in 16th February but never mind!). Niobe had a great day which ended up with what I can only describe as an UGG convention.

She called it a sleepover but as ever with these things there was very little sleep, a riot of laughter and massive consumption of unhealthy calories!

I had to smile when I looked at the table they danced round - it was covered with all manner of battery and wire based stuff - apparently used for pictures and sound. Very different from the days when all you danced round was your handbag and possibly your shoes when you couldn't move another step in them. But I look back at the shoe photo and see they all wear flat shoes - boots or ballet pumps! So hopefully they won't be beset with bunions in later life (and no Jaboopee I will not be the first in blogland to have a bunion!)

On Sunday I took myself over to the Textile Society Fair in Stockport. I had a great drive over the peak district arriving minutes afterteh fair opened and spent the next four hours wandering back and forth along the aisles full of fabrics, quilts and buttons.I wonder whether I lost a couple of hours - how I could spend that long wandering around I'm not sure. I could have spent a fortune but was disappointingly well behaved. I didn't even take many pictures and those I did are not good! This quilt was a delightful example from 1885 that would have looked lovely on my sofa had I been prepared to handover a few hundred pounds! Lots of stuff was reasonably priced and Id certainly go again. It was great to see some countryside and sunshine while snow still covered the peaks. Loved seeing a guy who at the first sight of sunshine decided he must show off his musculature while standing at a bus stop near Stockport.


Heard this morning that crop tops are back in for 2010. Have you got yours yet?

Love Wend - avoiding both beige and cropped tops this spring!.


  1. Loving your Ugg convention going on there. Bless them. I will be avoiding the crop top this season too. A stomach after twins, hmm.
    Have fun
    Rachael XX

  2. Love the ugg convention photo, looks like a lot of fallen arches in the making! I have a spam filter on the B***** word if you mention it again your blog will explode and all your crochet blankets will shrink to the size of your stamps and you'll be compelled to post photographs of yourself wearing nothing but a crop top.

    PS I'm very dissappointed you didn't get a photo of the stockport beefcake.

  3. I've still got crop tops from the eighties but they wouldn't cover much these days ...


  4. The blighters, Wend, I should have deleted those ticking comments on my blog. They didn't understand that one should only ever leave sweetness and light in the comment-box. I hope you are having some nice chocolates there in your darkened room. Ticking is pure and saintly. I'm glad your daughter has so many stylishly shod friends.

  5. Crop top, no. Boob tube, yes!
    Actually, just kidding, not a pleasant thought so early in the day!
    Or anytims of the day come to think of it!
    Lisa x

  6. crop tops are always in fashion here in Essex haha:
    your girl is beautiful! its a joy when they have good friends to share smiles with: love it when eye candy makes your day ~ whether it be fabric or flesh ^_*

  7. Crop tops? I've got some which I'm desperate to exchange for a touch of realism. I'm forever tugging them down.
    Glad the sleepover was a success.
    ps - I have a bunion! xx

  8. I have a little bunion too...the result of squeezing my feet into too narrow pointy high heeled shoes!
    Crop top...noooo!I need to cover up as much as possible now!!

    Bellaboo :o)

  9. Crop tops?Does that mean I must get my belly button pierced too? I think I'll give that a miss - my crop top days are definately over!
    Love the Ugg boots pic.

  10. I say NNNNNOOOOOOOO to cropped tops - not with my fat belly!!!!

  11. hello!

    Found myself shuddering a bit at the thought of donning a crop top these days - I think it was about 1996 last time I wore one of those!! glad you enjoyed the fair - sounds like a good day out!

    Julia x x x

    ps - going to be having a giveaway over on my blog this week, so if you get a chance, come visit!

  12. Hi Wend - love the row of Uggs !
    Er crop tops ? not for me with a mufin roll...infact I've been so cold dog walking recently I've been tucking in ! must be geting old - Jess goes round with a bare midrift & my mum tells her she'll get kidney problems - Bless - I'll be as bad soon I'm sure !

  13. Loved the photo of the Uggs........... Just think, your daughter will look back one day at it and say "Remember when we wore THOSE!!!?"...

    Now where EXACTLY did you say you saw the chap with the muscles?....... hmmmmmmm?

  14. just popped in to say hello I have enjoyed visiting I love that picture of the Ugg Boots.
    Please pop over and visit if you have time.

  15. Oh my goodness look at all those uggs!! how funny!!

    I'm not quite ready to send my colour swap parcel off to you yet(i'll probably send it off around the 22nd), but thought its about time we swapped details. Can you send me your email to my blog...i have comment moderation, so i won't publish it. xxxx Have a good weekend xxxx

  16. Oh no! not crop tops - whhhhyyyy!!!???? That is one trend I won't be wearing :)I do like the uggs though.

  17. both my girls are past 16 now....whew. that brings back lots of memories.hehe
    wheres the pic of the guy in the sunshine??