Sunday, 21 March 2010

I had a great day yesterday at the Homemade and Vintage Fair in Northampton (once I'd found my way!)I thought I'd just show you a few pictures taken at the start. Hope I get everyone's name right! I didn't manage to get round all the stalls to pics but these will hopefully give you a flavour...

Debbie from Vintage Wants Not Needs (just a little bit of her stall)

Sharon - the Crafty Trundler

Tracey - of The Vintage Bothy

Lindsay - of Elsie Sparrow (with her decorated bicycle).

and Ann of Vintage at the Corner House.

Once again Ann and Debbie did a marvellous job of organising the whole event and now deserve a well earned rest. Thank you so much ladies! The hall looked great with its decorations and bunting outside. One guy said to me how fantastic it all was - he loved the ambience, the music, and was enjoying the memories jogged by so many things from his childhood. Now I might not be surprised to hear that from fellow bloggers and like minded girls but coming from a man that was great!

This item intrigued me - clearly promoting Bols, you could wind up the underside and shake it and the ballerina then performed in a snowstorm. No idea what its called but Debbie (who remembers these) - if you read this please add a note in the comment box!

These last couple of pictures were taken on the way home when I stopped off in Market Harborough.( I shouldn't have stopped - it took me 3 hours to do a one and a half hour journey - Lost in Leicester!) They are for all those people who admitted to being Marmite lovers in my last but one post! Marmite are seriously into self promotion at the moment!


Hope you've been enjoying the lovely sunshine. Wend has been attacking the wisteria which has been seriously threatening to take over. Wend won. (She thinks!)

Love Wend


  1. Looks like you had a great time,
    Rachael XX

  2. Great photos Wend, lovely to see you yesterday.
    Ann x

  3. Hey Wendy!
    Was so lovely to see you again yesterday! The stall looked great but alas My camera did die before I could finish taking the rest of the stall pics!! I only got through half....You were right next to me too!!! DOH!
    Hope you did well and hope to see you at the next one!
    Annie x

  4. Looks like a real treat day out.

  5. OK so showing my age here. Bols was an alcoholic drink of some kind and I think that probably there was originally music as well but wind her up and round she goes. This was probably caused by imbibing too much alcohol, I have a tendancy to dance around when I am a little tipsy too...
    This was the kind of thing that one had on the top of their drinks cabinet or bar which stood in the corner of the room. I remember those too.

  6. Oh fancy having all that gorgeousness in one place, Northampton was just a bit too far for me to travel, wish there was a fair like that in the north east. Lucey xx

  7. Seriously good day out by the looks of it. You have a wisteria? Lucky you!!!! We put one in nine years ago and it sulked and died.... sigh

  8. Oh, I wish I had been there! xxx

  9. Thanks for showing us the delicious pics. One day I'll get there. xx

  10. It was great to meet again, Wend, and I enjoyed the day very much!! Love the pics, and sorry to hear you got a bit lost on the way home. I got a bit lost on the way to the fair, & I know Northampton a bit more!!
    Sorry I didnt post a pic, but I had quite a few blurred ones I couldn't post!!
    Take care & have a good week : )

    Sharon xx

  11. Hi Wend

    Glad to see that the Fair was another great success. Thanks for your good wishes, and I'm so glad you began to blog - nearly 100 already! How time flies!

    Have just become a follower of your blog. I hadn't realised I wasn't!

    Sue x

  12. it looks like it was so much fun!! sent your parcel off this morning, hope it arrives safe to you soon xx

  13. HI Wend
    Thanks for the mention! It was nice to meet you even though there wasn't much time to chat!
    Hopefully I may see you in August.
    Have a good weekend

  14. looks wonderful! i loooove marmite!!