Thursday, 25 March 2010

Belated Sunday stash

I use the word stash very loosely here. Last Sunday I found this Festival of Britain Programme which I have wanted to see for a while. I swooped on it inelegantly and handed over £1. I was thrilled. If you like vintage adverts - enjoy - if not skip to the end of the post to see my other purchase!

Love seeing all these famous names...

You should be able to see more detail if you click on the picture

Why does this little magazine make me feel good? I wasn't around in 1951. I think it's that life just was so much simpler then than now...(OMG - staring to sound like a grumpy old woman!)

The i picked up this delightfully kitsch tin - on the cusp of turning rusty but maybe I can stop it going further. I love it - it reminds me of the houses of friends whose families had budgies in the 60s and 70s. Price - £1 (I know, some wouldn't give it house room!)

Finally - and not pictured because it's disgusting - I bought a dressform. I've seen lots of these on blogs and love the variety of ways that people use to "dress" them. They all look like substantial pieces (and I know they are way out of my price range.
Mine is made of polystyrene and covered with a silky fabric. Another £1 changed hands. Surely I can cover this in some way to at least make it resemble the real thing? Any ideas? - and don't anyone suggest stamps!

Love Wend


  1. crochet blanket?
    50's aprons?
    ticking stripes?
    festival of britain magazine collage?

    i too really really love 50's magazines, i use to have some american "Life" it's such a different world they depict ....

  2. That took me back! You really wouldn't have liked processed peas - they were horrible starchy things! Frozen petits pois they were not!!!

    I was at the CL Spring Fair yesterday and came across a stand called grace and favour home (not in caps) and you might get some ideas for your dressform from their web page at as they had some lovely ones on show.


  3. Hello Wend, I constantly thank my lucky stars that I experienced the 50s first hand, even if it was through child's eyes. Today's world is alien in comparison! Love the mag and the budgie tin! Mary xx

  4. especially like the budgie tin

  5. Just love the budgies!
    I had one of those mags - just love the old adverts - at the moment I have just papered my hall, and ceiling in random newsprint and a lot of old adverts, I can stand in the kitchen staring at the ceiling - I know!! Very 'Wombles'!
    I have a couple of dressforms - I used the ones you can get for dressmaking - cheap! And I covered one papier mache' style with old music paper and a good coat of PVA glue - looks quite antique, and the other similarly but in bits of vintage fabric.
    Good luck - happy crafting!

    Vicky x

  6. Just the thought of processed peas makes me want to scrape my teeth! ha! ha!.....

    I LOVED your budgie tin....... and the toothpaste poster was fab! :O)

  7. HI Wend
    I love the budgie tin.
    Why don't you use strips of your beloved Liberty fabric and wrap it in them with fabric glue, like the standard lamps that have been all the rage?!

  8. So agree with Mary, a fifties childhood is something to cherish. My gran kept toffee in a budgie tin just like that one!

  9. I think I'd cover it with an old linen sheet and then glue old fabric tape measures round the waist, hips and bust line.

  10. hello! thanks for your comment - I'm enjoying your blog, I think we have "things" in common....

    that programme is wonderful, i love the macleans and heinz ads.

  11. a very yummy post, i enjoyed it a lot

    thank you

    warm wishes xxx


  12. I love your finds especially the old magazines. I never tire of looking at the adverts and articles.

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x