Friday, 12 March 2010

If you like marmite ...

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It's lovely getting things in the post - especially unsolicited giveaways.

Imagine my surprise when I received this today

I'm not a marmite lover so the thought of toothpaste lying sluglike on my toothbrush didn't excite me. I did like the packaging though, colourful and well worth the read. "Do not use if allergic to Marmite or toothpaste." - So far so good.
Possible side effects - "gagging , nausea, not understanding why people like Marmite" - "if you do experience any of these side effects do not consult your doctor or dentist", "do not store above 25C because it'll go a bit weird",

Intrigued I investigated further to find this wrapper around the purpose of the package

"Have we gone too far?" -possibly - no longer sure I fancy my evening meal! Then I spy the package "hate to be late" Marmite's new cereal bar!

Haven't decided whether to try it yet. Is this going to be the highlight of my weekend? They have considerately enclosed a voucher for 20p off Signal toothpaste should I need to dash out for some if the bar really is as disgusting as this packaging suggests it might be!

10/10 for ingenuity though - will it make it to the Opie Museum of Packaging do you think?

Has anyone else eaten one?

Have a great weekend

Love Wend


  1. Not yet! I do like Marmite though.They have brought out a new 'extra mature' variety called Marmite XO.I did buy one of the limited edtion jars containing Guiness,put it in the cupboard and forgot all about it..and now it's out of date.Maybe I'll hang on to it anyway,you never know it could be worth a few pennies in years to come!!

    Bellaboo :o)

  2. My 14 year old would kill for that - he loves the stuff. Spreads it about 1/2 an inch thick on his toast each morning.

  3. Clever! I bet my sons would try it... They're kind of addicted, which means carrying huge jars of the stuff home in our suitcases whenever we visit grandparents or Ben goes to the UK on business! We can buy it here, for high prices in small quantities...

  4. I haven't seen this one yet but I did see an advert on a billboard the other day along the same lines but for marmite scented fabric conditioner with a toddler cuddling up to a pile of brown coloured towels ! I thought it was quite clever.
    Ann x

  5. Love it or hate it. I love it ....the advertising that is. I am NOT a marmite fan so would need the toothpaste.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have fun,
    Rachael XX

  6. How funny was that? And how truly disgusting would Marmite toothpaste be? ;)

    Truly brilliant marketing though...


  7. I am a take it or leave it marmite eater - but toothpaste yuk, not sure about the cereal bars either. Just like a thin scrape on not buttered toast. But you have to admire the advertising team who thought of this one.

  8. That's hilarious. I'm now grinning very widely! Thanks for this post.
    I hate Marmite, so I'm with you on this, but that has to be one of the best marketing ideas I've seen. xx

  9. What a crack up!! That is so funny ... It IS a joke isn't it?? I used to love Marmite but the French hate the stuff. This would be a great joke to play on friends here... Thanks for the giggle

  10. I roared with laughter....... I love the quirkiness of the packaging.... just love it! Hope my postie brings me one... :O)

  11. Marmite toothpaste???? Can't imagine anything more horrible. Bleurghhh - can you guess I'm a marmite hater?

    PS I have a giveaway on my blog - do pop by!

  12. hey from canada
    thats awesome. are they serious tho?? funny narketing, and really cool photo. ive heard of marmite but dont know what it is. whats it like?
    fun post
    have a great day

  13. I actually love Marmite but would not want to use it first thing in the morning as toothpaste ugh.... Now then spread on buttered toast first thing in the morning is another matter......

  14. Brillant marketing!
    I love marmite, but haven't tried the bar yet.
    The breadsticks are good, the rice cakes not as nice.
    Lisa x

  15. I'd love to try this on a marmite mad friend. His mother once said that he'd anything from his boots to the dishcloth if they had marmite on them! Is it me or has marmite changed colour, I'm sure it used to be darker.
    (hw weird is this - the confirmation code word has come up as degareth - gareth is the friend's name!)

  16. Michael loves it (although he eats nearly everything) I use it in stews but wouldn't eat it "raw"!!!
    See you Saturday

  17. Wow, I love marmite but when I saw the image I thought that it was going abit too far, lol.
    But I like the cerial bar idea.
    Love the post.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  18. I'm on the side of the lovers of marmite/yeast extract especially with us being vegetarians and all , the irish yeast extract goes by the name of bovril .....can u get that there? maybe it"s not irish at all...
    ... i think this is a marmite step too far.....and putting something that does look like a s*** on a food product is just wrong.... why do they keep fixing things that aren't broken wend....and where is the interiors section of the observer magazine gone ????

  19. Hello! Thanks for your comment. That is genius! I'm in the 'love' camp, as it were. They had a pop up 'shop' thing at Waterloo on Friday. But oh, can you imagine dark toothpaste - foul. Rather like the green/purple ketchup that Heinz brought out a couple of years ago - eurgh. And squid ink pasta... Cat x

  20. Hi , my daughter has tried it and she loves marmite but doesn't like the marmite bar!!

  21. Very clever marketing but yuk, not for me! ... ;0)

  22. what??? well i never....

  23. I have tried one, primarily because I live to eat marmite, but also because I was genuinely intrigued.
    Verdict? I'd rather eat Marmite Rice Cakes, they're just a bit crunchy and slightly less confusing to the palette!