Monday, 9 November 2009

Viva vintage!

What a weekend! Saturday saw the first Vintage and Homemade fair in Northampton. I say first as I'm hoping that following such a successful event Ann and Debbie feel inclined to organise more in the new year. I'm tempted to do something similar in Nottingham! I couldn't fault the organisation - we had lots of people through the door, great decorations and music, a great atmosphere and lots of lovely stalls! The picture at the top is of part of Ann's stall (Vintage at the Corner House)

Laura of My Vintage Party

Ann from Vintage at the Corner House

Debbie from "Vintage Wants Not Needs"

Ann Marie from Birdcages and Butterflies - see the trademark birdcage...

More of Laura's lovely cakestands...

Elsie Sparrow's stall was an Arkwright style bicycle stuffed full of goodies and flanked by two lovely deckchairs with her "Dammit" dolls and lovely Union Jack hot water bottles - gorgeous girl had to have a Dammit doll and I had to have the hottie...Sorry I didn't actually get a shot of the bicycle.

Ann's stall had some gorgeous bits on it - just look at the Stanley dog there at the back! I had to restrain myself there and now wish I hadn't!

I did succomb to this lovely rose covered chocolate box set of drawers from Ann...

A great day. I'd like to congratulate Ann and Debbie and say (holding up my glass of wine) - here's to the next one! Thank you ladies! And a big thank you to all those folk who came along and supported us all. (Not to mention to the cake maker extraordinaire too!)

So after all the excitement of Saturday I nearly forgot to draw the winner of my giveaway! Suggesting that you gave me some of your favourite blogs has been great as I've found my way onto lots of blogs I hadn't been to before and have ended up following several of those. Also I have some new followers so welcome to all of you. Its great to have you along! I love getting all your comments but I also like to encourage others - I know how long it was before I dared put my foot in the water!

Anyway, I remembered in the end and gorgoeus girl drew the winner out of the Emma Bridgewater tin and the winner is (big drum roll) ...

So congratulations MARIGOLD JAM - let me have your e-mail and I'll put your prize in the post.

I was so pleased with the number of entries I had and thank you all, especially those who did something very techie to get me linked into their sidebars to introduce more people to my blog - you know who you are - that I decided to have another winner and that winner is JABOPEE - the prize won't be quite the same but I hope you'll like it all the same!

Have a good week!

Love Wend


  1. I don't believe it! I cannot have won another giveaway - I have only won one prize in my life before coming to blogging and now I have won 3!! I will e-mail you with my address and THANK YOU, THANK YOU so much!


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  3. Thanks for coming along on Saturday and for all your support. It was lovely to meet you at last, I am just sorry I didn't get the chance to talk more or to get a proper look at your stall. We really enjoyed ourselves and think we will probably plan another fair for March time.If you plan one in Nottingham we will support you all we can. After you left a lady came back wanting to buy your wooden skittles. I gave her your contact details through your blog so she may be in touch.
    Ann x

  4. YIPPEE ! i am so happy ....and really really excited at the prospect of getting a SECRET prize....i simply can't wait...;0)....

    thank you so very very very much....
    .... email is on the way......
    my word verification was...wendisthebest

  5. SO Lovely to meet you Wendy! Your stall was just gorgeous and Love the colour of those Fab Hydrangeas! ( I 'll Show you my project with those at a later date!)
    Cant wait for the next one!!
    Annie x

  6. Wow - the fair looks absolutely wonderful. Marigold Jam is doing really well at the moment - she just won Lululiz's too! Congratulations to her (grind teeth, grind teeth) lol!

  7. Hi Wendy, It was so nice to see you on Saturday and I am so pleased that you enjoyed yurself. As Ann says we are now getting our breath back, I am hoping to move home before Christmas and then once the dust has settled we will look at doing another in the Spring. Thank you for the blog you got some great photographs.

  8. What a great day you all had......... wonderful. Congratulations to Marigold Jam and Jaboopee, lucky so and so's! :O)

  9. Hi Wend, congratulations to the lucky winners!

  10. How I wish we had fairs like that in our area, sigh. I would love love love it. Anybody want to organise one here in Sussex??? I have been drooling over the gorgeous goodies in the photos and could have happily taken one or two ( or a dozen ) home with me.

    All good things come in threes, as they say, lol, and Marigold Jam certainly seems to prove that point, lolol. Congrats again!

  11. What a great fair. I am in love with the cake stands.
    Thanks for such a lovely post.
    Rachael XX

  12. the fair looks wonderful what treasures !

  13. I would be in absolute heaven!

  14. What beautiful things at the fair, I adore those vintage blocks :)

    Wanted to say your giveway pretties have been sent, hope you like everything :)

    Congratulations to your giveaway winners too



  15. Hi!
    The fair seems like a long time ago now! Great photos, its lovely to see it all again!
    It was lovely to meet you - you had a really lovely stall!
    I'll see you at the next one!
    Laura x