Saturday, 14 November 2009

Hope all is going well at the Handmade and Vintage Fair. I had thought to drive down but given the weather warnings decided against it. Its just as well as I had a man banging on the back door at 9am telling me a section had snapped off one of my trees and was hanging dangerously over the pavement. He invited me to look - in socks dressing gown and sans makeup - not a good look - and he was right - a large chunk was hovering suspended only by a wisteria tangle with the main body of the trunk also split. Less than an hour later he was £300 richer and I was treeless. It could have been worse - if it had fallen right over it would have come through the roof and killed us both. So that's another of my lives gone, (cats get nine, how many do we get?) Anyway I'm coming back as a tree surgeon next time! It's not a bad hourly rate is it?

On Thursday I was in London for meetings for work but once they had finished I hot footed it over to Islington to the Country Living Fair. When I arrived at 3 it was packed and difficult to see but by 4 it was thinning out and became easier to move. There were lots of the usual country style stalls as you'd expect but also some new names.

I hadn't come across "Bombki" before. Michael Peterson is the mind behind this company and he designs and makes these Christmas baubles some with traditional themes and some very contemporary.

He sells either in collections as you can see on the pedestals - French, London, American or as individual pieces. I liked the London Eye...

and the car collection.

I particularly liked the French seed packet labels from "Burgundy Brocante" and bought some of these to play with. They are apparently copyright free so you can do what you like with them - I checked!

There were some stalls for the vintage lovers amongst us...

and I did like the old Christmas baubles on this stand. But at £39.50 they seemed very expensive. I know that people are asking that price on E-bay

but I had struck lucky at the car boot last weekend and picked up this little lot for 50p! I also picked up some wooden coat hangers which included these lovely advertising hangers in amongst them.

I think they are great - just look at the address on the top one - 54 Mumps, Oldham. Poor little hanger - starting out life living with a high class "tailor" and ending up living with a rather shabby round the edges former "Taylor"!

I also spotted another Vernon Ward picture which came home with me. To be added to the flickr group. Now can you help me girls - there is a blogger who has recently shown us her "Wall of Flowers" pictures. Does anyone know who she is? I've tried to track back to find her as I'm convinced she must have at least one Vernon on her walls but no luck so far. If anyone has any ideas do let me know...

Have a good weekend



  1. Lovely pics - I need my vicarious fill of the CL Fair, so thank you!

    Was it Jane at Posy who had the Wall of Flowers?

    What a fantastic bargain on those vintage decorations...

  2. Floss - you are a star - you're absolutely right! I've just been over there to check.I'll have to get in touch with her! Thank you.

  3. What a lovely cheery post - and a glimpse at the CL Fair - despite losing your tree and the financial cost! We've battened down the hatches, but it's not too bad here so far. Hope the rest of your weekend is cosy - Jill

  4. Awwww, what a shame the weather stopped you coming. At the risk of making it worse, The Vintage And Handmade Fair was just wonderful.... hopefully you will make it to the next one in May. Sorry to hear about your tree, both because the tree had to come down and obviously because of the sudden expenditure it will have caused. Somewhere in this tip of a house I had/have an article about Bombki.......... if I find it, I will sent it, but the search so far has not turned it up. :O(

  5. I haven't made it to the CL fair for about 4 years now, mind you with today's weather I'm glad I'm not travelling anywhere!

  6. You do have a really good eye for the unusual - and a bargain. I reckon you would make an expert "buyer" for Liberty's and the like. Love all your finds. xxx

  7. poor wend, not only £300 poorer but the indignity of the socks and dressing gown ensemble! ! i feel your pain.... i love bombki's baubles and all your new booty...especially those well travelled hangers....

  8. Gorgeous baubles you did well to spot those and snaffle them, most satisfactory especially when you saw them so much more expensive elsewhere. I didn't get to the Country Living Fair thios year, sigh! Oh well there's always next year,

    Sarah x

  9. You're so lucky being able to visit the Country Living Fair, the Bombki baubles look well worth having, there seems to be a theme for everyone in that collection. I love the coat hangers they have a real sense of history.

  10. I remember that wall of flowers blog - I wil try and remember who it is!
    Just loved the wooden hangers - I will have non but the nice old wooden ones in the house! - just inagine what tales they could tell if only they could speak!

  11. those coat hangers are fab ! Wish I had our family Xmas tree decorations but Dad kept them when my parents split & like most things have long gone.

    Went to the CL fair one year & found ie exhausting... but I have no stamina ! Glad you had a good time

  12. How did you managed to take pics at the fair? I found it far too crowded (we went on Wednesday). I also loved the Bombki baubles, but didn't buy, but well done you on the car boot find. Vintage baubles are really lovely. Sorry to hear about the tree. We have a serious drain blockage because of the weather + leaves. Not a nice job. xx

  13. ooh by the way... I forgot to say, so glad the tree didn't fall on your house ! xx

  14. So much to enjoy here. Lovely to see a Vernon Ward - my mother had a painting of seagulls by him. A canny friend of mine has remembered to buy vintage baubles on ebay during the summer. I keep leaving it too late! We had to have expensive tree work done recently too but it was dangerous stuff so for once I thought the cost was justified. Thank you for visiting me.

  15. I really enjoyed your post (although very sorry to hear about your poor tree). The CL Fair looks glorious and I love the Vernon Ward painting. Great coat hangers too! Katie x

  16. hello, thank you for your comment today... what a lovely blog you have... i haven't been to the country living fair for a few years now so it is noice to feel like i have been through reading write ups like this.
    i love vintage glass baubles and was lucky enough to purchase two boxes in a charity shop about 12 years ago... for a lot less that £39! i really do treasure them,
    wishing you a lovely day and lots of inspiration
    warm wishes
    ginny x (sweetmyrtle)