Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The scream!

Is it me or is the world spinning faster and faster? My roles in the last few days have included -

manager, coach, mentor, civil servant of a much despised department, wage slave for the council, mother, chauffeur, Chair of Governors, teacher, psychologist, daughter, crafter, cleaner, cook, gardener, shopper, lifestyle coach, to name a few. (And sometime part-time witch I think!

I often feel like a professional plate spinner with my full time job, a part time job and two voluntary roles. Normally everything is fine but this week instead of all the plates happily spinning atop their poles I'm running along the line of plates trying to catch them before they fall and failing.

This week I am guilty, for the first time, of forgetting to turn up for my school uniform shop duty on Saturday, as I was busy doing some part time work for the council. I wasn't aware of this fact until one of my co-volunteers asked me how it had gone! (she was off "with permission"). I shall shortly be off to much heavy apologising and donning my hair shirt again.

I've made a few moments for me tonight to look at other blogs and and have found myself envying those who have had a lovely afternoon by the fire, perhaps undertaking a little light crochet or crafting, baking or sewing while dreaming warm thoughts as the rain drops softly against the window. I don't like envy. Mental note to boost my energy levels! Any ideas?

Oh and did someone mention Christmas is coming?

Hope your week's going well!

Love Wend - drowning not waving!


  1. I totally sympathise, I am feeling really worn down by work right now and the pressure seems to be getting worse by the day. I think I am in denial that Christmas is on it's way. It would be blissful to have just a couple of hours relaxing in front of the fire not feeling stressed about all the things I should be doing. Oh well maybe things will calm down a bit in the New Year. Ann x

  2. But the armchair crochet-ers probably envy your super-woman skills!

    I have been teacher/nurse/housewife all day and all night recently, with my husband working at home to mind the sick boys whenever I had to teach, so I have some kind of glimpse of what you're going through. I know my school council role has really been ignored as a result.

  3. poor wend, and you certainly don't deserve it...i send you very great big positive thoughts for a can do attitude ...envy is never good and the grass is never greener on the other side....your lot looks like a really lovely lot to me ....i see you waving

    ps it is that time of year for taking a good ould iron tonic

  4. Sometimes our life is full and satisfying but it doesn't take much for the careful arrangements to be disturbed. The secret is to stay calm and gradually put all the pieces back one by one. If you find that you really can't fit them all back into the time available or you want to make space for new things (like lying on the sofa eating cherries) you can get rid of stuff that no longer makes you feel fulfilled. Don't be envious of other people - fill your time with the things that make YOU happy.

    (Please don't even begin to imagine that I practise what I have so self-righteously preached in this comment but I am going to start trying tomorrow.)

  5. I used to feel as if I was running down a steep hill out of control, I can only suggestion you put the brakes on, take a moment or two for yourself and then only do the really important things until everything calms down - bet you are doing that already, just make sure you find time for yourself in there.

  6. I read this post and it sounded like me! This time of year is horrible. Too much to do and you have to add a million more job titles to your name! Roll on January that's what I say! xxx

  7. Such great advise by those who have already left you comments. I have recently returned to work after 19 months off and am struggling with the new routine. I am now trying to look at each day afresh and look at what has been accomplished rather than the things I didn't manage to do!
    Lisa x

  8. I describe it as being on a hamster's wheel. No matter how fast you run you still don't reach the end. Just don't try and jump off or you'll hurt yourself. Begin slowing down until you can stop and take a deep breath. xx

  9. I am right with you in the plate spinning department!
    Help there goes another one!
    We will get there!

    Sarah x

  10. It seems like only a minor omission to me: I forgot to pick up my son from school once, and I forgot the harvest box amongst other things recently. Sometimes it helps if you drop your standards a little, and perhaps abandon things that aren't strictly necessary, just to give yourself some breathing space. I gave up ironing except in life-threatening circumstances and the difference it has made is quite astonishing. I also abandoned guilt and perfectionism, and am even more astonished by the calming effect this has had on me.

    Pomona x

  11. I hope that today was a little less frantic and you had time for yourself.

  12. Know the feeling. Do hope you get half an hour to yourself to do absolutely nothing sometime soon!!!!

  13. I think my coming post for Floss's Pause in Advent will be right up your street! It should publish on Sunday if you can wait that long!


  14. I have been feeling the same! I know that I need to slow down a bit and find some ME time but I just cannot seem to do it. Something/someone demands my attention at every corner. I am tired but keep going. I know that it will catch up with me, it already is... 2009 has been a demanding year all round, I am hoping that 2010 will be a bit more normal...
    I hope that yu succeed in finding some qulaity peaceful time soon.
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  15. You probably guessed from the tone of my last couple of posts that you are not alone!! Have you read Men are from Mars........ There is a very good bit in the book about how women "fall to the bottom of the well" on occasions (sounds nutty unless you have read the book!!) We are our own worst enemies at times and we do take on too much. A great thing about the Christmas season is the time off work - lets plan to enjoy it. xxxx

  16. I was very stressed this week so got out for a good walk. I have to walk the dogs anyway but this time I did some beachcombing. I am lucky to live by the sea - it helped a lot.

    Hope things calm down for you.

    Is your daughter 17 yer ? mine is on Dec 10 th. She wants to learn to drive ! HELP !

  17. Oh I do hope things have improved with you - all this sounded stressful! Are you waving a little more now? Hope so ....