Monday, 16 November 2009

Simple pleasures

I received through the post a couple of surprises...A free DVD courtesy of Maltesers current promotion. One happy gorgeous girl as it was a Hugh Grant film. Anything Hugh is acceptable.

A pack of large cards from Paul Smith. I'm obviously on his Christmas list! I don't buy Paul Smith - I'm not a fan of "designer". I am however a fan of great architecture and as his flagship Nottingham store is in a beautiful listed building I sometimes pop in to see what he has done with it and must have put myself on his mailing list.

I have to say this mailshot was delightful and put me in mind of Jabopee's (see sidebar) toy illustrations.

Delightful old images arranged amongst his socks, watches, cosmetic bags and wallets. I delight in lovely advertising and will stop in the street to take a picure of a favourite hoarding.

And last but not least my lovely giveaway goodies from Mary Poppins. This lovely package contained all sorts of goodies wrapped in tissue with pretty little stickers to secure them. Little picture frames, star shaped candles, tissues, hankies and more

A lovely crocheted potholder - although it won't be going near any of my pots - its far too special for that! And what's the red checked item which is sitting on my exact same red checked cloth? Thats's the back of the fairy sachet in the first picture!

And look at this delightful little bird serviette. I popped over to Mary's blogshop and see that she uses serviettes etc to cover wooden letters and they are lovely. All I need now is a tutorial! Thank you so much Mary (who even popped a little something for my daughter) for this generous and thoughtful giveaway. What a great community blogland is!


  1. I agree that blogland is a great community - I too received a great giveawy yesterday - will be posting about it later. It's truly amazing how generous everyone is.


  2. Such a lovely and generous give away! Lucky girl! Love the old images amidst the socks...very clever! Have a lovely day!
    Laura :)

  3. I think your new potholder would be beautiful sewn to the centre of a plain white linen cushion.

  4. More proof of how kind, creative and generous our fellow bloggers can be! I like your other pictures too.

  5. You are very welcome, a delight to send your treats to you and your DD :)

    Great idea about the crocheted pot holder from mise :)

    My DH loves Paul Smith, two Christams ago I bought him a lovely Paul Smith wallet with a cheeky litle lady imprinted on the inside, i love it, as does he ;)


  6. I love the Christmas flower fairy picture, it's just so Christmassy.
    Lisa x

  7. What a lovely post. Great things come from blogging, don't they? I particularly liked the bird serviette......... :O)

  8. i was actually feeling a little down and a bit blogged out after an exhausting/disappointing day yesterday and this morning to read the mention you gave me just puts a lovely tint on the start of my day.... your 110% right about this great community , thank YOU so much.

  9. georgeous-ness spelled wrong I expect !!

  10. gosh the pot holder is soooooo pretty - mary poppins is so clever, its lovely! fliss xx