Thursday, 9 July 2009

Raspberry ripple

Just loving all the raspberry ripple ice cream plant effects right now. Ok - the aquilegia was spotted at the garden centre...

The raggedy poppies at the allotment...

The lovely fluffy petals on these lovely raspberry poppies...

Not to mention these luscious roses with their fabulous raspberry veins which unfortuantely aren't mine and were just spotted on my travels! Might just have to research this one and plant one for myself!

Hope you're managing some sunshine between the flash floods and storms we're having!

Love Wend


  1. Those are wonderful colour combinations and patterns. I was served strawberries with a scoop each of vanilla and coconut ice cream today, and that had a similar red/cream/white colour scheme. It also tasted wonderful!

    Thanks for your comment about my vintage fabrics. At the moment I've ground to a halt on ideas - wall hangings from the larger woven pieces and some rocking chair cushions, perhaps from the printed canvas, are as far as I've got...

  2. Hello there and thanks for your comment on my blog - love those frilly poppies! You have some pretty things here :-)

  3. Hello ms.stripes
    i really like your blog
    I had that book"toys and games to make"
    all the pictures are so evocative.....
    i made all of those things but they didnt turn
    out quite like those pictured .

  4. You've got a lovely blog...I arrived at my parents in Warwickshire last night (being born a Midlander!) to be presented with a bunch of those rasperry ripple roses; they have them in their garden!!! They're amazing aren't they?