Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Evening at the allotment

An hour this evening completely alone at the allotment - calm and quiet, soothing away the stresses of a day at the office. A few of the things I love ...

A clear evening sky - this taken at 8.20pm - soon filled with crows returning to the woods to roost as they do at 8.30 every evening in the summer.

Allotment humour - lady scarecrow with carrier bags!

And more - the allotments are peppered with stuff apparently aquired from all sorts of places...

Vintage bunting! Not sure what this is made of but it has clearly been wafting in all weathers for years...The colours are delightfully faded.

There is a long stretch of it and I love its weathered and worn appearance (Note to self - must get a hair cut - feel weathered and worn myself tonight!)

Another scarecrow - this one wearing a Hi-Visibility jacket!

Natures bounty - these pictures were taken as the sun was starting to set giving a soft romantic glow to these roses in the half light.

These berries capture the light on their lovely plumptious skins...

The fabulous scent and sight of sweet peas in abundance - oh joy! Unfortunately they were on someone else's plot so I couldn't bring any home.

Time to gather some of this year's crop ready for a raspberry jam making session. Strawberries need to try harder - superb quality but rather light on quantity.

The moon over one shoulder...

The sun setting over the other...

A little cloudscape to close the day at 9.20

Simple pleasures - priceless. Cost of allotment - less than 50p per week.


  1. Just stumbled accross your blog, a 'Woman of my own heart' I thought. I will be back for more!
    Just love your thrifting finds!

    x Vicky x

  2. Loving those scarecrows! Hands in the soil and connecting with nature is very calming isn't it? Lovely post. x

  3. What a lovely evening you had. An hour or two of peace away from it all - can't beat it!

  4. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog...I thought I would pop over to visit you! Gorgeous sweet peas, summer fruits and summer skies! Rebecca x

  5. Lovely pics Wend! Who says our Lovely Midlands aren't lovely!?

    Louise x
    (Also in the Lovely Midlands!)

  6. Thanks for visiting, the scarecrows look great and your bounty plenty..I love my allotment too, time well spent away rom the stresses and strains of the day :)

  7. Lovely photographs and gardening is such a great way to switch off.