Thursday, 16 July 2009

Is this your pepper?

Our local council have spent a small fortune, correction - a large fortune on improving our Market Square. Millions if not squillions of pounds have been spent on bringing in very, very special paving slabs from China. And I hadn't noticed them at all - until I spotted this pepper lying, possibly dazed and confused and presumably having fallen from somebody's basket.

Only when I stopped (am I mad - does everyone do this sort of thing?) to admire the perfectly plumptious pepper did I notice the subtlety of the greys, whites and blacks in the paving slabs, which were actually quietly stunning and beautiful (if you can have beauty in a slab which I'm now convinced you can). Amazingly they weren't covered in chewing gum (discarded gum on pavements ranks high on my list of pet hates).

As I stood admiring said pepper and slabs I was approached by a friendly council sweeper upper (sure he has a far more politically correct name) who wondered whether it was my pepper that was making his square untidy. I assured him that it wasn't and asked whether he thought it made a lovely picture too. He agreed but said that he was having the pepper, he couldn't have it messing up his square and promptly picked it up and wedged it in his cart as decoration. He allowed me to take a final photo before he trundled it away in his incredibly clean litter wagon.

One of those funny little moments that make you smile... I suppose if I didn't blog that would have just passed me by. Funny what this blogging world opens us up to isn't it?

Have a great (albeit rainy) weekend!
Love Wend


  1. the pepper looks like its hugging the pavement and the cart looks like its hugging the pepper, i hope they live happily ever after ;0)

  2. Don't you just love Jaboopee's comment? The wheelie bin looks like it is holding the pepper like a child holds its favourite teddy bear. And yes, I agree, the blogging world opens up amazing possibilities. What a fantastic age we live in. x

  3. Yes Jabopee's comment had me laughing . One inconsequential moment in a lunch break turns into something so much more delightful!

  4. Thank you for popping by!
    Lovely to meet you!x