Friday, 24 July 2009

3 went mad in Borth!

Just wanted to say thank you to all those who drop into my blog. I've been amazed at the generous spirit of the blogging community and thrilled to share in your thoughts, hobbies and beautiful photographs. I love to receive your comments and try to respond to them all.

I'm having a few days now with my daughter who has just returned from her "post GCSE" holiday, youth hostelling with a couple of friends in Borth, Wales (first time away without adult supervision so lots to prove - on both her side and mine!).

She came back last night carrying a bag of washing nearly as big as my shed, tired and emotional but, I think, really pleased that they had achieved this with no major trauma. (Hey - getting connections in Birmingham station unaided is a major triumph in my book!)

Despite the rain they had lots of fun specialising apparently in "welly walks" across the beach and scaling vertical sand dunes - I thought that was a contradiction in terms but it is a long time since I've been to the Welsh coast! (Penmaenmawr 1979!)

It's lovely to think that although they think they are "all grown up" at 16, messing about on the beach in their wellies provided such lovely memories and shows a delightful innocence and joy for life.

For me it was time to loosen those apron strings and trust her - and do I have a lot of apron strings to loosen!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I guess I have all this to come as my daughter will be 16 in September! Scary isn't it?...but, like you say, you have to let go and trust them! Love your pretty aprons with their "let loose" strings! Rag ruggy sample is almost complete so I'll put a photo on my blog soon with some brief "how to" notes. Rebecca x

  2. It's hard and there's no Handbook handed out, is there? Lovely, lovely pinnies. x

  3. those apron strings look so lovely,i wouldn't want them untied!

  4. Seems some of us are doing a lot of this at the mo!! Just found you and love your blog.

  5. Sixteen - that feels like ever such a long time ago.

    Have a lovely weekend and 'hello'

    Nina x

  6. Lovely to hear about your daughter enjoying herself with her friends - I think you are being very brave! It's a journey for you both

    Carolyn x

  7. I was thinking about just the same thing this morning ... my eldest daughter is about the same age. Things change so quickly! Lovely aprons by the way!

  8. Hi Wend!
    Thank´s for stopping by my blog, it´s always nice to know that it´s somebody out there! You are always welcome back!
    I can see that you have a great eye for vintage stuff!
    That´s life isn´t it?
    Kindest regards
    Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka

  9. it sounds like your daughter had a lovely time, im sort of dreading the first time joshy heads off on his own!! fliss xx

  10. thank you so for your lovely comment on my blog - i had not heard of the "out of one eye" book, i think i have to go book hunting. letting go those apron strings is a hard one, i ave one flown the nest and two still at home, im just waiting fot the next wrench! but its lovely to see them spread their wings too.