Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Not Wednesday but Wend's day!

Today I had the day off work to spend some time with my "all GCSE'd out" daughter (although she had something lined up for which I needed to act as chauffeur). And what a day it has been! Just one of those days where everything flowed and went well and it truly felt like Wend's day!

After a bit of light blogging and gardening (for gardening read mowing the moss!) we decided to go to Farnsfield a little village a few miles away for a wander round. Though quite close I'd never spent any time in this village and it turned out to be wonderfully British with its red phone box, old fashioned signage, cottage gardens and a fabulous bakery where we picked up some goodies for our picnic.

Then I spotted "The Loft" tucekd away behind the hairdresses. It was the most amazing little antiques shop. "The Loft" aptly described the place as inside it looks like the contents of Miss Havisham's loft have been tipped out in a couple of very tiny rooms. It was delightful! (Weblink -

Although teensy this shop bulged with fabrics, chandeliers, candelabra, books, trinkets and all sorts of other delightful bits and pieces. Now I'm no expert on vintage lighting but these pieces were gorgeously shabby and beautiful. I'd never seen so many lovely vintage lighting fittings all together. The owner was quite happy for me to take photos which was nice!(Last week in London it was another story entirely although I'm not sure why - and I did ask first!)

We picnicked on Southwell's green in the sunshine and enjoyed some down time. Then once my gorgeous girl was safely deposited at her drama rehearsal I grabbed the chance to do some serious charity shop rummaging (well there are 7 shops in the town I visited), followed by some successful flea market foraging.I'll show you my finds another day! Isn't it wonderful how much joy such simple pleasures can bring?

A day packed with photography, vintage, gardening, thrifting, antiques and sunshine...May I have some more please? I like this way of life!

Love Wend


  1. Sounds like my kinda day too!

  2. Isn't it great to find a gorgeous shop that you've never seen before. What a lovely day you had.

    Sue x