Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Handmade with love

Oh joy! What finds! I spotted these on Sunday at the car boot and was immediately drawn to them. I've been checking ebay regularly for these baskets and afghans but was too mean to pay the prices demanded. So when I spotted this I was thrilled. All the weaving on the basket was intact as was the binding round the handle which often unravels.

Then I found a lady selling these crocheted blankets. They were right at the back of the stand leaning against her car and wrapped in scruffy plastic bags. They looked unloved but promising but I was really pleased to find these two beauties when she unwrapped them. She must have been in her 70s and said they had been made by her mother in law but her husband was now happy to let them go as long as they went to a good home. He had been fond of them as his mother had made them but it was now "time".

I managed to convince her they would have a good home with me and bought them both. I've recently picked up a couple of others but they bear no comparison to these. These are both made of wool(pre man-made fibre days) and are in the most gorgeous shades.

Given the price of wool these days I think I did very well to bag them for less than the price of two balls of wool! Now, where to put them...

Love Wend


  1. Hi Wend! What fantastic finds! Those blankets are amazing!!

  2. Oh my you have one of those magical booty days and then some! t.x